Not bad .... price wise

@Ikii that looks awsome. Probably best if used with a pump that’s at least 5.5 gpm yeah? Or more you think ? I guess it depends what your doing at the gun ? If you’re moving volume of water you prolly need a good output at the pump I’d assume? I’m not too familiar with two gun setups like that. My rig is set up to use either one or two machines. But nothing like this with a “Y” off of one pump.

Unless both guns were going to be running at the same time constantly it’s worthless.

The psi will constantly change every time the opposing gun is started and stopped. Remember, you tip your gun for the gpm to get x psi. Every time you cut that flow in half you loose half the psi. Or when they stop you double your psi and burn the pump up.


Makes sense ! I love my two machine setup.

I personally dont like the idea of running 2 guns out of a machine.
I certainly woulnd use a nipple either.
If i were to do it i would use s t and not QC.

I just think it is another option out there.

The price for the injector replacement is not bad.

I donr repair them, just replace them