Not a bad day for estimates

I had originally only agreed to look at a bank about 45 minutes from me yesterday. I usually do phone estimates but they insisted that i come look at it since it has been atleast 3-5 years since it has been cleaned. Once I finished looking at it i was told that they may want me to look at two or three more of their locations, all for possible monthly service.

I then get called by a homeowner and at the time I am only 5 minutes from her house so i decide to swing by. She tells me she only wants her gutters, windows/ window sills, chimney, front porch, and sidewalk on her 2,500 sq ft brick home done(I tried numerous times to get her to do the whole house but she insisted she only wanted those specific things cleaned). After giving her an estimate she tells me her dad owns an apartment complex and she liked how nice and friendly I had been so she gave her dad my contact info (Who was actually looking for someone to do it since he didn’t feel like dragging out his own equipment).

Then after leaving that customers home i call my bank branch manager to talk business and she tells me she wants me to do her 3,000 sq ft house and that she is going to get me several of their bank locations to do possible monthly or quarterly services on. ( Might possibly get the bank headquarters as well)!

So in one day I received leads for two houses, possibly 6 or more banks, and an apartment complex. Couldn’t be happier right now!

P.S. Anyone need a part time job? lol I might need some help


@squidskc @Racer what would you price this bank for? I know its different for each area in the U.S. but i just need some help lol Again, this bank hasn’t been cleaned in quite sometime and it is really nasty in some places.

They told me to quote a one time cleaning and then a monthly/quarterly cleaning price.

I’m thinking around 350 for the building, 175 for the sidewalk and all three drive through lanes. Maybe 50-75 for the retaining wall since its nasty, and whats a good price on curbs surrounding the parking lot?

For in depth one time cleaning I would charge more. $350 for repeated service with discounts for each location on a route.

Be prepared to wash evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and overnights.

which one, you showed a couple?

The one with the fake cedar siding on top

So it’s all vinyl? If so you’re good, I’d bump up the concrete a tad and that wall I’d be $100 all day long.