Northern tools hot water add on

Good day gents and lady or 2,

Anyone have anything bad to say about northern tools add on burners? 1500/shipped and for sharts and gigs a 75 dollar 3 year extended warranty.
Is there a better deal to be had else where?
My current setup is a belt drive 4.5gpm 2500 psi and a 4400 psi 4gpm backup direct drive.

Any hidden costs that I should plan on during setup and use? I already have 3 generators to choose from so the 115v is covered.

Appreciate any feed back

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So, here’s my take. Don’t know anything about that hot box in particular. But, you only need hot water for greasy concrete, hoods, and a couple other specialities. 4.5 gpm isn’t going to allow you to clean concrete in any commercial application. I’d look for a bigger hot box to go with a commercial grade washer before you went with the northern tool hot box.

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I don’t know either lol but you have some good points. My motivation for hot water is for stubborn driveways and smaller jobs like that. Im new to the business and want the best equipment I can currently afford to hopefully weaken the struggle of new guy mistakes and still walk away knowing I did a good job. I also use chemicals. Working on a fancy sample pack from pressure tea and SH but I’m stingy on mixes until I’m comfortably making them corrrectly for the task at hand.

For what it’s worth, I just got a Largo 8-10 horizontal SUPER fast. They were extremely nice and set me up with a distributor across the country that saved me almost 1k and had fair freight charges. Definitely more than 1500, though.

I can vouch for the Northern Tool 4gpm 4k psi add on. I have used and abused my unit for about 5 years. I had a flow switch go out and Northern Tool immediately sent me out a new one as well as a new thermostat.

I’ve been thinking of the Largo 8-10 from envirospec. Would you mind sharing what you paid including shipping? I’m in NV, not sure where you’re located and how far they had to ship to you.

It was a little over 3k, horizontal 12v 8-10. I’m in WA state, so it’s about the farthest from TN you can get, around 250-300 freight. I just called Largo and asked to be referred to a wholesaler. Some of the nicest people I’ve worked with, makes me want to move to TN. :grin:

It’s a beast, about 550lbs, just got it unloaded about an hour ago.

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Was it night and day difference after you started using it? Any unexpected costs upon install and first use? Trying to be smart about not making more financial lessons for myself.

Unless you are starting out chasing some commercial work, you will likely upgrade from 4.5 GPM to 8 GPM before you get your first call that requires heat. You’ll wish you kept that $1500 in your back pocket at that point. Pick one thing to go after starting your business whether it be residential, commercials, truck washing, roof washing only, window washing, etc. Then add on from there as needed. Over thinking and over extending yourself will burn you.

A 4.5gpm with heat is pretty much a useless combo for residential and commercial work. You are just underpowered in every aspect.

Northern tool sells those trailers and rigs for on-site industrial or commercial moderate use. Where maybe cleaning some greasy equipment is needed or a quick cleaning of a small concrete pad or tank. Not for daily continuous use by professionals 8 hours a day.

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Well i am kinda chasing some commercial work. I live in a very small town that has 2 gas stations/convenience stores and I’m almost positive I can gain their business. They come complete with gum and oil stains. If those go well i may try to go after other things of the nature. Small business stuff no walmart parking lots or anything that big. Shooting for scheduled repeat business.

Get it then. You can always sell those in good shape with warranty in a year for $1000 if you need or want more.

I may have a horse shoe stuck up me bum. But negotiated a deal on a used 8gpm pressure washer and hotlink to pickup tonight. Hopefully it works out. All for what I was about to pay northern tool :slight_smile:


Did you get it yet?

Little update.
I found a used hotlink a couple hours from myself. Only used a handful of times and in great condition. It also came with a harbor freight 420cc engine with electric start and direct drive comet pump that was 4/4000 if i remember right (guy swore up and down it was 8gpm) but both the pump and motor are in almost brand new shape. On top of it all I got one of them dual wands for soap and rinsr, plus like 3 other guns and 50’ of hose. Total cost=1500.
All in all I think i didn’t get to bad of a deal.
Next step when it stops being 100 degrees is to plumb it all up and then get to work. I appreciate and value everyone’s thoughts when commenting on the matter. I’ll have more questions im sure in the future