Northern Tool Bleach Pump

Anyone use these yet?

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No mention of amps or psi rating. It’s not a transfer pump seeing as how it has a pressure switch on it. Come on NT

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I looked it up, it’s for a water treatment facility.

So many questions. I wish it was atleast 5.5 gpm though. I would call them tomorrow but i dont want to be transferred to 5 different people before i can talk to someone who could answer maybe 2 questions i have :relieved:

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From what I can see in the pictures, the label appears to say 60psi/4.1 bar.

That would put its power requirements just a bit lower than the 5gpm/60psi Delevan 5800 series pumps.

I always wondered if two demand pumps could be put in parallel to increase flow. It would help that these ones have leak detection.

Two of these together might put out 6 gpm at the gun? They should at least put out as much as a Delevan Fatboy.

I wonder how much the replacement diaphragms are for these?

@Grizz, I just found they have a 5.5gpm version:

Edit 2:
Found the pump cartridges. They seem reasonably priced


@Infinity I built a rig with two Shurflo 5059’s plumbed in parallel.

They were bypass pumps so they ran continuously. I had them powered with two 6 volt L16’s with 420 Ah and remote power control to run them individually or together. Swappable in under a min even though you’d likely just use one at a time. You’d have your backup plumbed in ready to go or run them both for rinsing. It was nice but I never used it, a local pro saw it and made me a hell of a offer.


I have three 12v. One in service. I’ll probably give these a try when the time comes. Looks interesting. Leak detection is a major plus if it’s reliable. That’s always in the back of my mind when dragging around the hoses.

Same here. I have a Delavan ugpm and a NT 5.5 backup. I have another NT 5.5 that i use to transfer. When one of my NT goes bad ill grab one too.

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Yeah, wish I had known about these 3 days ago before I finally ordered my Delevan 5800


Dudes! Stop wasting your time with 12v systems. Since I bought my 17 GPM system : I have never looked back. I swear that this is the sweetest thing since bear meat.

Thinking about buying a gas system like ticks its a game changer.

Show that to our mentor @Racer and the student becomes the teacher.:+1::muscle::joy:

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What’s the advantage of gas vs booster?

A gas power has to batch mix. Where a booster can be proportioned. At least that’s what the old trade off used to be. Somebody probably has came up with a way to “meter valve” a gas system by now

And then electricity, generator.
I’m pretty sold on going with a Dayton booster

Gas can have a proportioner too but it can over heat like a pressure washer without a bypass. Rick has his rigged up to let bleach or water in by turning ballvalves its pretty sweet.

I have that pump, absolutely love it, I just use it for the occasional roof or to pretreat concreate. I haven’t run 12.5% through it for transfer yet. I use air displacement to transfer SH from a 55 drum to whatever.
Do you rinse your ALL- FLO after transfer?

Looks interesting will watch it tonight.

I Do use it for 12.5% transfer and I do NOT rinse it out.

I hope to soon find a supplier that will deliver my SH from a tanker to my 250g tote(s) on a stand so that I can just let gravity do the transfers. I’m tired of messing around with drums.

I too am tired of the drum transfer and I’m a part timer, only about 2 drums a month. Ties up about 3 hours going to get it and the return. Delivery would be nice.