Northeast PA searching for bulk SH

Newbie here looking all over for SH. Apparently I overlooked this a bit in my research the last few weeks but I cannot find SH anywhere! My local chemical supplier told me they won’t sell it to me once I mentioned I would be using it for power washing. I went to the only pool store around and they are charging $17/gallon!!! Is there anyone in PA, NJ, NY that can help with a recommendation on where to purchase it from? Thanks in advance.

Call a local pressure washing supplier, I’m sure they have the inside scoop. You can also call a PW company the next town over and just be honest with them.

I am from Central PA and I currently purchase mine from a local pool company. I have 10 - 5 gallon containers that I take to get filled periodically. I’m a part-time gig though so I don’t go through near as much as a full time business would. If you can source a place that will sell you a 55 gal drum that is probably the best route if you have a way to unload.

Forgot to mention that I own the containers and they fill them from a bulk tank on site. These aren’t pre-packaged 5 gallon containers that they sell off the shelf.

Just found my supplier! For anyone interested, Northeast Chemical and Supply Co. in Lansford, PA.

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Nice! They aren’t too far from me either. What are they charging? And what are the quantities do they sell

I got 15 gallons for $129, $20 deposit on the tank. So when you go to refill it’s only $109. They also do 5 gallons and 50 gallons. The owner was cool and very helpful

Heck yeah. Thanks for the info. I couldn’t find anything over 1gal here… Have a buddy who orders bulk and can help me out but it doesn’t hurt to have another supplier!

Good luck with your business man!

Geez! I guess I can’t complain about being charged about $60 for a 15-gal drum of bleach down here in South Carolina!


Wow that’s awesome. I’m new to this so maybe I’ll find it cheaper soon. But I called a ton of places and this guy was by far the cheapest

Down to $155. It was $119 in March