Noob Blaster Trailer Build

Hey all. Just finished up on the build to rival @TexasPressureWashing truck build.

I recently moved out of the back of my ford ranger and into something a little more professional, let me know what you guys think and if you have any tips/improvements to the build and bring a trailer guy.

If u see me on the road keep your distance because I have no ■■■■■■■ clue how to drive this ■■■■ yet

4/4K mi-t-m pressure washer - 150 ft hose
12v with ghetto looking home made proportioner - 200 ft hose
2 55 gal drums
15 gal surfactant tank
Have plenty of room for upgrades, might add another 4/4K next year for a second man to run


Looks nice, curious why you didn’t put your reels on the curbside for easier access?

Also nice Forerunner? House looks nice too! Props.

Hauling a trailer will get easier with experience like most things. Awareness and being careful are obviously your friends at all times.

Love the name :joy::joy::joy:

My SH dealer accesses from the left so I wanted the tanks on that side. Doesn’t really cause any problems to me I just pull in the other direction.

And thanks. Got a good deal on an 05 V8, it’s been my dream car for a while now and can tow pretty well

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Future tip for your next build. Build it to your convenience not your SH suppliers, they also have to work around problems.


Yeah I never really thought anything of it. I’m never working on busy highways so it’s no trouble for me to just pull up the opposite way. I had it on that side on my truck and just carried it over

Looks good. You know I’m going to agree with the others on the hose reels though. :grinning: The time will come where you will be on a road where you can’t park the other way. It’s illegal to park on the wrong side of the street anyways.

Don’t buy another 4 gpm for a second guy upgrade to an 8 gpm and let another guy use the 4 gpm. I had a 6.8 gpm before I upgraded to an 8 and even it made a huge difference.

Hose reel thing wasn’t even something that crossed my mind until now, that’s why I ask here!

I’ll have to see what I can do about it. I’ve been wanting an 8 for a hot minute but not sure I have the cash to drop $3500 on a new machine before next season, don’t do a ton of flatwork anyways

I love that sign on the back my trailer needs something like that. How’s the ball valves work on the 12v system.

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Love the ball valve. I ran gilmour guns and softwash guns but nothing has been more reliable. Had to swap ball valves A couple times and they easily come undone by hand. Make sure you get a metal riser, I used a plastic one and they broke on me multiple times

Sweet do you run surfactant wide open? Seems like it might loose prime.

Nope, for roofs I open up sh and h20 and probably leave surfactant at half. Houses full h2o and barely open sh and surfactant

That’s awesome I bought the metering valves and they seem to work good, but it’s nice to know that works well. Thanks

What model soft wash reel is that and how much hose? @Bigbendwashpros

It’s a cox reel off of Amazon, I would reccomend going with an aluminum reel however as I can already see some rusting and it’s less than a year old. Someone else can probably reccomend a good brand to get.

I have 2 100 ft sections of 1/2 in rubber air hose. Got that off amazon too


Hannay it Titan reels

I’m confused is titan like the only one with stainless steel fittings?

The whole thing is stainless. Def worth it in the long run, I get a good 2 secs of rust when clearing my line every morning. It does a good job of letting me know I’ve hit my chem though :joy: