No Pressure Unloader and blowing hoses

On my direct drive pressure washer pump I do not run any sort of pressure unloader other than the “built-in” one that came with the pump that’ll discharge water after staying off the trigger too long. I don’t run a buffer tank so I’m on the trigger every 30-60 seconds or so to circulate some water. Purchasing the Suttner 1-wire grey hose from PressureTek I typically get 3-6 months out of each hose before they blow a hole in them. It’s usually not near the end of the hose or even within the first 10-15 feet where they would typically start to drag along the ground. I started to wonder if the pump’s rating of 4,000 psi is causing the hoses to blow from there being so much pressure in them.

I bought a pressure gauge the other day and tested out pressures on my system for the first time in 5 seasons and what I found is as follows (all tests are done with machine running wide open throttle and through 150’ of hose, and through a DS injector for kicks):

Any thoughts on this?

While there is probably a good, solid fix for your situation, don’t take this as snarky but being someone that has been through all you are going through, it’s time to do a few ‘upgrades’ to your outfit to make your business easier and more efficient.

Sounds more like you’re losing hoses from exceeding the min bend radius more than anything. Pull your hose only when it’s in a straight line. Yank on a coil and that’s where it will blow later

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Im not sure what the problem with the pressure is. The surface cleaner looks okay and the spike pressure is okay. Not sure what orifice your washing nozzles are so… It may be as @dperez suggested if its just your hoses blowing. And as @dcbrock suggested, maybe time for an upgrade. You have become a worthy washer, you deserve it. If you take that route go with the k1 unloader. Its so nice

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That’s a short life on those hoses especially for being part-time.

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I have found the more you use the hose the longer it lasts, the hoses seem to corrode alot faster just sitting.

I’m suspecting this is likely what I’m doing. Am I correct in the thought process that a hose that isn’t connected to a trapped pressure unloader (such as what I believe I have) stay more flexible when off the trigger?

That’s a possibility, I’ve logged about 100 washes so far this season.

Just finished a 30hr day I dunno if I’m understanding so well. If you have a trapped pressure unloader, you’ll have a sudden burst when you pull the trigger. The gun will kick back from the force. Your hose will carry your working psi until you pull the trigger. A flow actuated unloader only carries about 75psi but it will vary from one unloader to another. Your hose will be much more “wet noodle like”. Hope this answered your question!

@PPWofLexSC K5 flow unloaders ramp up slower than K1’s which is way nicer. K1’s also carry more line pressure while bypassing. I don’t care for them. Undersize your K5 to get more life out of it. For instance I ran K5.1’s on my 4.75gpm machines

I haven’t added anything to my stock pump other than pump oil and a GP downstream injector just after pump. No upgraded unloader is available for my unit to my knowledge. But, the pressure definitely stays in the “system” and there is a kickback upon pulling trigger on gun.

Sorry I have no tips on that one

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Depending on how many decks I’m staining in a particular week, my hoses only get used 1-2 times a week. And they last about a year. 3 months seems super low for any scenario.

@PPWofLexSC I’ve never used Suttner, but at this point you have nothing to lose by trying a different brand. You could also (gulp) try a 2 wire. It is heavier and you will notice it.

My hose also only gets used 1-2 times a week and it’s going on its third year. I have a Raptor blast 100’. It’s been a great a hose so far.

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Why not set the factory unloader to max pressure then run it into a k1 or k7 unloader set it to unload a trickle when off the gun, I use 100 ft suttner 1 wire and lucky if 1 get 3-4 months out off them, even with them.