No pressure replaced unloaded valve

I have a black max 3000 psi pressure washer. It has a Honda 190 gc on it. It has a horizontal type pump. I’ve replaced the unloaded valve and I still have no pressure. The pump and washer are in dang near new condition. It’s like the pump is not doing anything nothing at all. We’re should I start looking.

This troubleshooting guide might help you out if the link works. This forum is primarily for contractors and if you are a contractor in this industry, filling out a signature will allow other members of this forum to know where you are located. As a result they will be much more likely to respond with sound advice. However, the pressure washer you are currently using is a consumer grade pressure washer at best. It only has a two year warranty after all. Members on this forum don’t use and or service consumer grade pressure washers. I would suggest for you to buy a professional grade machine with at least 4 gallons per minute and belt driven. IMHO if you have to replace the pump on your current pressure washer you’re throwing away money that would be much better spent on better equipment.

Nathan Edwards
Hydro Cleanse

Try replacing your valves inside the pump. I had this issue and it gave me a headache… Ended up I had a cracked spring and some of the other valves were sloppy. Pump are like a million bucks after I did that.

Odd, had the same problem earlier this week. 12 yr. old Hydrotek PW, been solid as a rock. Just rebuilt the AR pump (for the 1st time!) this spring.

Replaced unloader, no joy. Turned out the tip on the one dual lance was clogged/or bad. Never have seen that is 13 yrs. in business. We’re only into wood so our PW equipment is on easy street.