Anyone using newsletters to reach to customers? I was looking for a good template to use. Any ideas?

We are advertising in HOA Newsletters but not writing a newsletter. At some point once we have a customer base we will send out quarterly emails to keep us in the minds of past customers so they will think of us first when they need something.

That’s a good idea with the HOA. We have done that in the past. We have a huge (potential) customer list right now and my plan/ idea is to market to them year round. Therefore the newsletter. I want to get it across as well that we don’t just do power washing.

We are using our own newsletter type monthly that we send out to our contact list, It is generally one page with pictures and somewhat related to the season.

An example for this month is. Our tagline reads,

“Spring is almost here! Are you ready”

Then we just talk about cleaning salt off concrete and pavement. Pretty simple stuff really, it is more about keeping in front of the customer.

One issue with this is it get put in the spam or promotion folder sometimes.

Are you guys talking about commercial or residential?

I am thinking both…

I’ve thought about advertising in some high-end HOAs for their spring newsletter. I’ve heard it works. I will let your know how it turns out, if I go through with it.