Newly paved driveway -- cleaning light dirt. Proper presurre

so a customer has a newly paved driveway . I think this year or maybe last. Contractors got dirt on and then did a wand job that looks like crap when it dries. So I have my 20" walk behind with stock tips 25 degree 2.5 each. I think i bought a set of 3.0 and 3.5 which im gonna install and see what the pressure is. This drive just needs a uniform cleaning. I think the 2.5 are to rough for a new driveway. I’m using a 4200 psi 4.0gpm which probably puts out 3800psi . Newer asphalt driveway psi suggestions?

Good luck.
I’d go with the 3.5’s to bring the pressure down.

There’s differing views on here. Most people say don’t use any pressure on asphalt, but there are a couple that say you can use your surface cleaner if you drop the PSI. You’ve gotta make your own call.

If your SC is a 2-nozzle, your #2.5 nozzles are putting out 2500 psi. The #3s would be 1775 psi, and the 3.5’s would be 1300psi.

Dragon Juice is the recommended cleaner for asphalt but I doubt it’ll even out the wand marks alone

The Contractor that decided to destroy the driveway with a wand needs to step up and resealcoat it . Not your problem so don’t make it yours


its not destroyed. he just got dirt all over it and has wand marks with dirt imbedded and not cleaned even.

Chances are the wand marks will still be there after the dirt is removed. It doesn’t take much pressure to leave marks in asphalt


I’ve cleaned plenty of commercial asphalt with a surface cleaner, the trick is to do these jobs at night when it’s cooled down substantially and it pays enough to warrant dragging the guys out at night, rarely possible in residential areas. Cleaning heat soaked asphalt with pressure in the middle of the day is a coin toss. Keep that in mind.


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