Hello I’m retired carpenter 35 yrs trying to learn how to wash my home . Good info here. I bought a generac one wash 3100 psi 2.8 gpm thinking getting xjet m5 to apply chemicals. Need to reach 30’ peak think it will work .

you might rent a scaffel they pretty cheap. I like this long wand like here on Ebay. I see alot of these on Craigslist under pressure washer for from 25 to $50…
Raptor Blast Telescopic Pressure Washer Wand 6’ 12’ w Telescoping Gun | eBay

just be safe my friend

Retired carpenter bad back and knees no more ladders scaffolding for me hoping bleach will hit peak maybe rinse with shooter might have to put bleach in water balloons and through them up there

DWL, welcome to the forum.This is a personal opinion only. Minimum 4 gpm machine to wash a house
or anything else.Call Bob at Pressure Tek ,he will sell you the proper nozzles,soap,etc. to soft wash a
house.Scaffolding and the good ole “yellow noodle” have a place,but it is not in a routine house wash.
I have always found the balloons do best at the parties;) All the best.

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

If you’re planning on just washing your own house, I would suggest returning the generac, and renting the largest power washer you can find. 3.5-4gpm should be sufficient. Then you’ll have a little more oomph to reach your peak with the right nozzles. A trick you can use to get just a little more height out of your chemical application is to fill the hose with chem, and then switch to your rinse tip to shoot that chem to the peak (this would be using a down stream injector right after the washer, so the whole hose is filled with chem - it wouldn’t work with an xjet). Hope that helps.

Thanks for the info. Finally got someone to answer phone at pressure tek . Who ever I talk to made it clear that they don’t deal with homeowners only pressure washer contractors. I thought he was very rude so I hung up on him. Been in trades for 35 yrs I would always help someone that called me. I am giving my business and referrals to pressure washer outlet I talked to Tracy very helpfull and willing to help me the homeowner .
They are good people

DWL , I thought you were looking at getting into the business as a contractor, sorry
for the misunderstanding.Alex Lacey gave some great advice for a home owner who
simply wants to wash their own home. Again sorry , I misread your post. All the best.:wink:

Bill Sullivan
Bill’s Window Cleaning.

What me starting a business have to do anything I’m sure he would have took my money if I order on his website like I said pressure washer outlet are good people I’m talking my business there that’s for your concern

This forum is for pressure cleaning contractors. This is not a do it yourself question and answer area.

I would gladly pay a good painter for good work, since I don’t paint. Consider hiring a professional.

There are ways to safely wash your own home. But honestly, if your just buying one to do your own home 1 time a year then you’ve all ready invested more then you would have if you hired a contractor to do it. Think about the cost factor. New Machine was probably 399.99, m5 Xjet is 189.99, correct soap and house washing solution $29.95 for 5 gallons, winterizing your machine so you don’t mess up the pump. gas stabilizer and other items that you may have said oh i can do it (Which Im sure that you can) not to mention the 5 plus hrs its going to take you to wash your home and drag your machine around.

If you hire a local guy (which I can help you find and member in your area) you will have saved a ton of time and money by paying them to do it once a year. Plus you have peace of mind that they are Fully Insured. YOUR not so if you mess something up then your completely responsible for your actions.

Alex you are a 100% right with your numbers. I live on beach 3 1/2 hrs from you. Everything turns green here need a washer anyway. Wash cars , truck, trailer, and toys. I figured if I messed the house up I could fix it I’m a carpenter. If I have any problems I will call you for a referral there’s too many wannabes out there no ins or license not paying taxes cutting your throat keeping honest contractors from making a living. I will give you an update when I’m done give you a good laugh. Thanks for all the good advice DWL

Where at on the coast are you located ?

Try this!

Things you’ll need,
Pressure washer, hose, gun, bleach from pool store, down stream injector, bucket, 4-6’ aluminum extensions x2 for gun, general pump downstream nozzel tip…(I forgot the number, but it shoots like 30’ stream with chemical low pressure.)

Stack aluminum extensions, put on general pump tip, down stream bleach onto highest point (make sure DS injector is after the pressure washer by at least 5’ since you don’t want bleach in the machine. you can purchase a 5’ hose from any pressure washer supply store.

Basically just apply bleach, wait, repeat until algae is gone. Wet down plants and windows, don’t let bleach dry on windows.

That’s the best way to do IMO, but that costs you a but load of money to buy, you really are better off hiring a pro, good luck.

I live on outer banks nc . Made a shooter out of a 1/4" hose barb to rinse upper eve’s works great think xjet should be OK to apply bleach. I’m retired if I hired a pro I would have to get a job to pay him.

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