Hi bob skipper in jax fl newbie here just getting started and wanted to say hi, also a question has anybody use wash safe industries products like their house wash, stucco wash etc thanks have learned alot here.

Welcome Bob no I don’t use their products

Welcome Bob. I don’t use their products either. My Dad is from Jax. I have alot of fond memories of going down there when I was a kid and going fishing with my Dad and Grandad. Nothing better that fresh seafood. I still have an uncle that lives out near Orange Park.

Welcome, Bob!
I never used those products, either.

Hello Bob. I haven’t any experience with those products

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I have used their siding and roof products - both were ‘ok’, but as with most non SH solutions they would either require scrubbing/pressure (roof) or so much of the product (siding) to achieve SH comparable results that they become non viable on cost alone.

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Hi Bob!