Newbie List of Equipment

Hello, my name is Huy and I want to start pressure washing business, mostly residential. This is a list of equipment I’m going to buy, so please advice me what I need to buy more or what the best brand.

  1. Water dragon belt drive 8gpm 3500psi Honda GX690 +Udor pump $3596.85 plus shipping
  2. Whisper Classic SF 4 nozzle $644.95
  3. Jrod downstreamer $34.03, jrod 4 way nozzle holder $14.99
  4. GP high draw injector kit $27.79
  5. Hose: 3/4 incoming water 100 feet ($??)
    3/4 inch filter $34
    3/8 double wire 4500psi 100f $128.79
  6. Hannay Reel 1500 series $260
  7. 3/8 Heavy duty ball valve $39.48
  8. Water tank+trailer+chemical tank $800
    So guys please tell me do i need to change or buy more of my list?Thank you in advance

Thats a hell of a list you got there and a great starting out budget!

Only things id add would be as followed

2 100ft of pressure hose
1 50ft section for those areas where 200ft wont cover it.
Stainless quick connects for all ends.
Stainless Mosaic swivel for your accessories.

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and Mosaic ball valve


make sure you DS injector is a size for a 3-5 gpm as it will pull more soap

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Get a Hudson Float Valve for your water tank. It cuts off the water to your tank when it reaches a certain level.

Don’t forget to factor in cost of chemicals. Some of those things cost $$$

If you can afford it, get some replacement parts for while on the job.

Great list. Wish I had researched that well when I bought all my stuff.


Hi, doing the usual research, I’ve been eyeing a Norther Tool 4gmp with a 4000 psi complete rig, that will need some add on as it has no chem tank and some Luther things that have bee pointed out. I like the set up, but with the same motor can I change it to a 8 gpm? Has anybody or does anybody have 1 of these set ups and mod’id it to pro I’ve good service?,store:17783052120747564024&prds=oid:12156146254390255181&q=northern+tool+pressure+washer&hl=en-us&ei=nXKaXencL-mJggf17r0Q&lsft=gclid:EAIaIQobChMIvMSn-96I5QIVGozICh345wRDEAQYAiABEgJrU_D_BwE#

That is a horrible choice


Have seen some local guys here running that rig. I always get a chuckle out of the wasted money. You can build alot nicer setuo with that money. has 8gpm units for sell. Tote,plumbing and accessories you can build a nice rig to get you going with trailer included for under $9000 you can also go cheaper like me if you lack funds and go with a 4gpm 4k psi for half the price and just keep it as a backup for when you get your 8gpm.

4/4 has got me through thus year but next year im going after alot more work and need a 8 and a bigger daul axle trailer. Im selling my trailer in the next couoke of months if you are close by its a 5x10 trailer with hose reel racks and ladder rack. Tail gate has been removed and a 4×4 bar welded in place even with the side rails. Under a year old.

Might sell the tanks with it since the drings are mounted inplace for them.

Thanks appreciate the feed back, 10x5 is to big for my liking or storage restraints, I don’t think 8k was bad with all the accessories and trailer. I’ve priced a GX690 8gmp online 3.5 to 4 grand for just a motor and pump. This rig with a hot wash setup, wand, reels and hoses and buffer tank and storage, what makes this a bad deal? I have checked other units same motor with an 8gpm, no hot water or storage running 5 to 9 k

I also have a 5x8 enclosed trailer. :grin::grin: