Newbie hotsy rebuild setup



AAI acquired a used trailer unit at a price worth rebuilding. I have began to add what I thought would help resale.
It’s an older hotsy setup that I stripped to nothing and began to build back up. I added a second Simpson cold washer and have plan for soft water for chemical application. Please see pic and critique as needed. I am building to put hose reels out the back. Is it worth keeping and trying to make money or selling and using profits for something else. I have never power washed anything for profit and don’t know what I am getting myself into. I do like to fabricate though.


Why are you mounting the pressure washer up top on a sliding rail? Seems to me that you are going to spend a lot of time and money to do some great fabrication work but at the end of the day people are going to look at the OLD used equipment and not be willing to pay what you need to make a decent profit on your hard work. But since you like to fabricate and if you bought it cheap and have a lot of parts and metal laying around then you may be on to something… How do you get to the gas cans, buried under the frame up front, if you can’t walk in the trailer?


I didn’t plan on walking around in the trailer. I am able to access the
fuel tanks from the side but have questioned their placement since this
hotsy unit is originally a skid model. I mounted pressure washer on
sliding rail to allow more floor space on trailer but it will be bolted in
place. I was going to use the remaining space on “sliding” rail for a soft
water system in the future. The trailer itself is a 5x10. What can you
tell me about the surface cleaner. What price should I start at when done?


Did I post in the wrong section. I was hoping to get more tips and advice. The site has been great with lots to read. I found out about hannay reels here and bought a 1514-17-18 reel on amazon for 68 bucks that night. It appears that home beer brewer suppliers mark down products they can’t sell. Lots of stainless for cheap.


I’m the wrong guy to ask for pricing older used equipment. You should look at how most guys lay their trailers out and stick to something close to that. Don’t reinvent the wheel, simple is better…