Newbie here, just bought this setup

Hey guys, new here to the forum from down in NC.
Hopefully I’ll be busy here soon.


Where at in NC

Boonville NC, I will be working around Stokes, Surry, and Yadkin counties

Good luck this year.

Just curious, what is up with the yellow noodle? You are not planning
on washing any houses with that dinosaur, are you?

Well @bills4065 to be honest I wouldn’t have bought it but I came with the whole setup. A guy has had this whole setup for two years and he only put 152 hours on it. I actually just bought an X-Jet M5, SH, and some elemonator so I thing I’ll be good to go

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No, that is good. The only reason I asked is we have so called “pro’s” in my
area wash houses with the yellow noodle and high pressure and state on a
website never use sodium hypoclorite as part of any cleaning solution. SH,
X-jet M5, elemonator-right on. May I also suggest a j-rod and meg nozzles
sized to your washer to provide your customers a true soft washing when
washing a house, if you do not already have them. I was just curious when
I saw the dinosaur in your picture, that is all! Nice setup by the way.


I’ll definitly look into them. Do you think I’ll be good with what I have to start out? And I appreciate it! Actually think I got a steal in this setup

Bob at Pressure Tek. Call him and give him gpm of your machine and he will
set you up with a j-rod and proper nozzles to soft wash houses.Do I think you
will be good with what you have to start out. I can not answer that for you, I do
not know what you plan to wash. You do have surface cleaner so concrete is
definite possibility. I wash and rinse vinyl homes here from 640 psi down to 40
psi. I do have an x-jet, but I do not consider it " soft washing", my own opinion.

That yellow noodle will come in handy when you land a 4 story condo and you can add 50ft of x jet hose and put the x jet on the extension pole. Better the renting a lift.


Lol I’ll always rent the lift. I hate fighting extension poles.

Me too Brodie. The idea of trying to hold a xjet nozzle even 1/2 way steady at the end of a thirty foot noodle gives me chills

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Especially around windows

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Got my X- Jet in today and working on making my own J rod nozzle. Should have the nozzles here next week

Not too hard if you use your body to balance it and not your arms to hold. Usually only comes out a few times a year, but it’s worth hitting the fourth story then switching back to the gun. Most jobs you need a lift, you only need it for 10% of the job.

Save yourself a headache and buy the pail system

24 ft pole is not to bad to balance. I use a straight quick connect to the x jet, not a 45 or 90. That way there is little to no difference when it’s spraying or not. With a 90 degree connection i could imagine the kickback would make it hard

LOL, I consider my 48" fence washing lance my noodle. And I hate it. Longest thing I’ve ever used. I don’t even like pulling my 12" off the trailer.


I use a 8’ wand everyday but then again I’m a beast lol

I have 24’ extension and I hate it. It has helped with 3 story dormers in hard to reach spots when the wind keeps breaking my stream. I don’t think I pulled it out more than once a year. Usually try my extension ladder first.