Newbie Dos and Don'ts? - Rust Removal

Hello all,
(Newbie here so bare with me :sweat_smile:)
I have been doing a lot of research on concrete rust stain removal and had a few questions I was hoping someone may be able to answer; I am also open to any criticism of my purchases. I purchased Maxtite oxalic acid powder for lighter stains and a case of f9 Barc for the tougher stuff along with (2) 1 gallon Chapin sprayers
My main questions are:

  • Is pre-treating really necessary?
  • Do you recommend brushing the solution into the concrete with an outdoor broom?
  • Is it necessary to rinse the concrete once the job is done?
  • Anything to avoid or know in general that I might be missing?
    Thank you guys for your patience, don’t even know if I’m posting this in the correct space lol, appreciate the help in advance!!

f9 has a cookbook, read it. Not being smart, but that is how most people use it.

Do, more research. Dont, get involved in things youre not familiar with

I’ll continue to research but I think its about time I buy product and at least test it on my own driveway which has rust stains from the sprinkler system. A buddy of mine also asked if I could test it at his driveway since he knows I’ve been pressure washing for a few years and has the same problem. Thank you guys I’ll let you know how it goes.

Join the F9 group on Facebook, the owner Craig gets on there a lot and comments on proper procedures. You also need to download the F9 cookbook that walks you through various scenarios.

I will say the few times I’ve used One Restore or BARC/EFFLO it has worked reasonably well, but if you don’t do the entire section you’ll have a nice clean spot which isn’t much better than what it had.