Newbie chemical question

Hey guys. Newbee question. Till I can get something different to lay down 3% for driveway cleaning, I have a 2 gal pump sprayer. On a larger driveway it will no doubt dry up before I can get started washing. So would you recommend I soak the driveway first, or pretreat in sections then wash in sections. Stuff dries quick here in Florida.

Blow off driveway with leaf blower, soak driveway with water, spray your 3% and surfactant down maybe just a few sections of concrete at a time, let dwell, spritz with water any area that looks like it may be drying, surface clean, rinse, apply post treatment as needed.

As a small, one-man operation using only a 15" surface cleaner I can’t tackle the longer driveways without playing leapfrog on them. I try to start at the highest point and work my way down from there. But, if there is a known low spot where water will gather/not drain away from, I clean that first, then start at the high point. I find myself soaking the top two or three sections of concrete with water, applying mix to it, and while it’s dwelling I soak the rest of the driveway or focus on a part of the house that won’t create water runoff onto the driveway. Once the first few sections of concrete have been surface cleaned, I final rinse them, and then rinse the next sections on concrete to be cleaned before applying mix to next two or three sections of concrete. As mix is dwelling, I apply post treatment to first few sections. Repeat as necessary.
Hopefully that makes sense.


I used an xjet until I had my 12v. Depending on the gpm of your machine, you can put down a pretty strong mix.

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Sounds good. Thank you.



You need to come up here and work with me a day

@Racer The past two time I came your way I’m hitting the 76.2 mile Foothills Trail for a thru-hike!

i would think over if those plant water pitchers could put down a good mix faster than the pump up. and think enough to not dry up too quuickly, just get a professional looking pitcher.

I have researched this but apparently the pressure would be to high??? Its for bleaching driveways and sidewalks only. X jett said i would have to control the psi through my machine and im not into playing with the unloader for each pre and post treat.

Yes i imagine that would be better than the pump up but really want to run it through a line.

Not sure what you mean. Some guys use an xjet to soft wash houses so too much pressure is not an issue. Get an xjet with a twist nozzle and you can control the stream.

No need to ever adjust the unloader with an xjet. Pop it in and use it.

The twist nozzle is the M5 model?

yes, that’s correct

I would think to avoid much overspray and mist I would be looking for it to put out same or less than if i was using a soap nozzle.

If you’re only using it for flatwork, then there won’t be hardly any overspray.

Pre wet the grass around the flatwork. And if there’s any overspray on the grass, just make sure to rinse the grass well.

I little off topic, but fits with the name of this thread. I couldn’t find any 12.5%. But I did find this 10% SH at Lowe’s. Think this should work?

It will work, but it’s pretty pricey from Lowes. I believe Walmart carries the same stuff for a bit less. Where are you located, do you have Menards stores?

I’m in southwest Missouri. I live a few miles from Menards actually. Think they have some?

They carry Pool Shock which is 12.5% at $3.99 and always have the 11% off on top of that.

Awesome, thanks so much for the tip and for responding. I really appreciate it.