Newbie chemical question


Hello everybody,
I have really enjoyed reading and learning on the post on here, lots of great information for sure! However I have been searching with no luck for alternative environmental friendly chemicals to use
instead of SH on houses, roofs, the will not harm plants, keyholes, etc… etc…? Is there any such thing? And if so, what brands? Thanks for your time.


SH is fine if used correctly :+1:t2:


I sell an electrified salt mix that is environmentaly safe and is often added to drinking water. $18 per gallon. 2 gallons will typically wash a house. Private message me if you want details or msds


LOL, you do realize you’re probably going to get about 30 pm’s off of this post over the next couple of weeks don’t you… Better you than me.


Ah, I didn’t think about that. Well, Since I opened that can of worms I will definitely own it. Lol. I am sure I will have plenty of informative knowledge on chemical applications and suppliers after all this. Thanks!


Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been in offsite training.

  1. Sometimes you just need SH. Regular cleaners aren’t going to do the job.
  2. If used properly SH will not harm plants
  3. If you don’t need SH, meaning there is no mold, mildew AT ALL on the house, a general cleaner degreaser should do the trick. You should talk to suppliers about house washes…word of warning…oftentimes roof cleaners are HIGH caustic. It will clean the roof, but if used incorrectly it can also damage the roof.
  4. If you want totally eco friendly…and yes there is such a thing…you want to look for Safer Choice or greenseal products. Safer choice is an EPA program and us chemists actually have to submit our formulas for evaluation in 28 areas to see if it really is eco friendly. You can look up the safer choice products here


thank you so much for the info. I will be researching this tonight. THANKS!