New Work Vehicle

Just got this 04 Ford E350 yesterday. The back area behind the cab is just over 11 feet long and 6 feet wide witch fits my equipment perfectly. Now I just need to get a ladder rack, some huge logos, and new tires and it will be perfect for my business. Sorry if the pictures are screwed up this is my first time posting pics.

I like it. That should serve you well.

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Nice van I have a similar one. Will you be pulling a trailer or mounting all your PW equipment inside it?

Very Nice…And It’s A FORD!!! Wise Choice!!!

I’m 100% Ford after 3 bad GM experiences I won’t go there again.

I have everything mounted inside and still had plenty of room for my 30" surface cleaner. This van is a tank.

Any plans to make a partition to keep the fumes in the cargo area of the van?

It would seem rough, not to mention dangerous, to ride in there with roof cleaning equipment and the fumes that come along with that.

Absolutely. Itcame with one already but it isn’t sealed very good soi plan on adding plexiglass tomake sure no fumes get in the cab

Plus they didn’t need (Or Take) “Bailout” money…Ford Always!!!

If you put the lid on your tank there shouldn’t be many fumes. The stuff isn’t that bad. But then again I don’t wear gloves or wear a respirator/mask.

Lol. You must have already burnt out your nose.

Even when I have a new 55 gallon drum of SH in my enclosed trailer I can smell the odor coming off of it, mainly due to the venting cap, but that has to be there so it can off gas. I couldn’t imagine having to breath that in all day while driving.

Hows that setup working for you? I am considering either a isuzu 12’ box truck or cargo van. We do window cleaning as well as pressure washing. Biggest concern with cargo van would be the fumes in the cab.