New Video on Winterizing Your Rig


Real good new video by Shaun Gross, just made yesterday, with some good tips on winterizing your rig for those of you who need to do that.


Good video, thanks @Racer


Good video. I recently just put together a winterizing system, and am about to remove it and redo it because of seeing what i could have done better, after it was in place. This video gives me some ideas.

I was disconnecting my bypass line, and letting the antifreeze spray into a recovery jug… but i might just leave it hooked up and spray into the tank. It’s only like a 1/4 cup or so, and probably not a big deal like he said… might only be an issue if you are having to do this often… in which case, losing that amount might add up.

Not sure about blowing the pump out to flush the antifreeze out when you want to use it again… i think ill just start it up and let water flush it out… you can still recover it, just have to redirect the flow once water starts coming through, so you dont dilute the antifreeze too much.

Noticed he was using plain poly braid on his intake line, instead of crush proof suction line… i’ve always heard that was a no-no.


So last week I started at 7am and temp was 29 degrees, and when I ran water thru the system nothing happened. OOPS!@ Within minutes water was running thru the system, and I was ready to go. Wondered if I was just lucky (again!). APPARENTLY SO.


I shut the PW rigs down in winter. I made a video of winterizing a rig but since I have a heated space I don’t put antifreeze in them… But I do remove the water from PW, elec pumps, air pumps, hoses and reels. Then clean all the equipment and spray it with oil and finally change oil in motor and the PW pump…


Your playing with fire…


YEP, but ignorance is bliss 'til your busted! I was luckyh, and see the obvious need (as did you) for a heated shop. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to work all winter here in Tidewater, Virginia. I just need to keep anything from freezing overnight.


Gonna be down right frigid at night starting Friday until the foreseeable forecast.


I hadn’t looked at the forecast, neighbor. Guess it’s time to pull out the antifreeze.


Driving down the road in 29 degree weather freezes things faster because of wind. Enclosed trailer, heater and antifreeze can get you by for a while.


I’m down with the antifreeze, but have no enclosed or heater at present. I have a roof to clean Monday morning


Wait till the sun comes up and follow the sun. Better if you can wait till temp gets to about 50. Can do it at less, just use more surfactant and stronger mix.


Glad I live in the south…when it comes to winter.