New video almost ready!

Here is a link to the new video. I need to add phone and website info, but what does everyone think!

wash wizards -, Inc

Nice video. Hits on a lot of good points. Hope it pulls a lot of work for you.

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Nice job.

Very cool done video

Great video, short and to the point. I would say it was very well done. Did you hire a professional service to make that for you?

Yes, I used I watched some of there sample videos and kind of told them what I wanted. I am very pleased how it turned out. Did my first job because of it today.

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Looks great…I would love like something like that for myself.

John Somers & Shannon Hoops
Aqua Clean Pro Pressure Washing

Great job bro.

Very Cool…

what does a cartoon like that go for?

I got a deal at $297, but normal price was $499.

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Just watched it again. Great marketing piece at a great price. Thanks for sharing.

Jason Young, The Window Guy
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