New Update for Exterior Cleaning

For those interested I am updating the progress on the Exterior Cleaning directory. Cleaning Contractors Directory - Find Local Cleaning Contractors - Trusted Cleaning Contractors Reviews .

First and foremost this directory was designed for quality over quantity when it comes to membership. So yes, membership is being screened. The directory is designed for the potential customers searching for exterior cleaning. That said.

As a service provider. I advise you first search the directory by zip code search. Once you get to the search page for service providers you will see in the upper left side the search area by miles. That is default at 50 miles. As you lower the search area i.e. miles, those service providers will lessen, because the default again is 50 miles. So even though there maybe one or two service providers listed once the search is lowered to say 10 miles there maybe none, thus if this would be your area and you join, you would be the only one that would show up in results.
You’ll also notice even though set at 50 miles by each listing is the miles away from that zip code each listed member is located. Speaks for itself.

Note: We may change that default once we see what works best to narrow down listings!

Also, no matter how many potential service providers there are in any given location, if that service provider has not joined and filed out their profile they will not be listed. Just search by zip code from the home page and see for yourself. Who is listed in your location?

For any still interested read on.

First off there are three types of membership: Free, Pro and Elite. We have a number of members already in each membership level.
When joining, no matter what level, make sure to fill out your profile in detail for that level ability. We recommend you include a profile picture of yourself (professional if possible), all your profile information, and the linking section at the bottom of your first profile page i.e. web site, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

As members join we will be sending e-mail tips to explain sections of your mini web site listing to help you improve your reach.
We would rather see one “professional “service provider in each location than just anybody who “claims “to be a quality service provider.

NOTE: The free membership option is to give service providers a chance to see what the directory is and how it functions. Should someone contact a free member they will not receive that request directly. It will come to the directory and we can or will pass that on. For the pro and elite membership all contact goes directly to the member themselves. So there is no misunderstanding, the pro/elite members will get first referral based upon membership level and location.

Free members will get the SEO benefit for their level of membership. So take the time to completely fill out your profile. Should free members join and are not up to specification or profiles are not fully filled out we will have to remove them.

Administrators: Laura Heuer, Greencastle Web Design-Bruce Sullivan, SRC

What sort of traffic are you getting at this stage?

All I can say as I have been told by some they have gotten lead requests. Given so many are signing up it is hard to track providers from potential customers. Once the signing slows down we’ll have a better handle on that. We have one person that is dedicated to promoting the directory through other directories, blogs and anywhere in the country we can promote it.

We also realize nothing on the internet happens over night, though there are ways to move it along. One reason we have a free listing and a monthly paid listing, so members can make their own decision whether to say or more on.

The plus side of this is I have experience from the Professional Roof Cleaners Association site having built that into a highly ranked and lead generating site. What I learned from that was from the mistakes I made starting it up. LOL

With this directory, we took it a step further to provide each member with their own mini web site, which links directly to their other sites i.e. web site, Facebook, Google+ etc., so the SEO benefit is for their branding is built in to their listing. Given the directory does get a lot of visits, just yesterday Sunday 3/2/14 the site had 186 visitors, unique visitors, there were a lot more but some were returning, which makes a big difference when tracking a site.

The true test will come when the season starts for many throughout the country once we get out of the freeze and potential customers starting searching.

Depending on the membership level and the degree the member goes to building their listing will determine their benefit. Each level of membership offers many more options for listing and branding, i.e. number of locations served, number of services offered, photos of their work, videos, blog, coupons, etc. If you view the join membership levels it explains what comes with each level.

If the PRCA site, which is roof cleaning only, is any indication of what the potential is, this directory should be right up there at the top because it is all exterior cleaning, very keyword rich.

Again, once the season starts and traffic picks up I can give a better answer.

Good question.

It would be a cool feature if you were able to track how many people actually click through on the listings and provide that information to paying customers so they can actually see the value of your product. I know they can track it in their own Analytics data with your site as the referer, but I guess most people aren’t aware of that.

I agree. Best way is for them to do so themselves. Our directory is pretty complex when you see all the options etc. Though we have 4 different tracking programs for the directory itself. Though our back end let’s us see who has visited each listing, but to track each one would be a nightmare. LOL Of course in time the value will show from the lead contacts they get. That’s where our promoting/marketing of the directory comes in. All funds from the directory go to maintaining and the rest goes to marketing. It was never meant to be a revenue source, just break even and the rest goes right back into marketing the directory.

At some point far down the road there maybe an option for vendors to offer members discounts etc. but that’s way down the road.

But I’m not sure a lot of these companies you’re targeting would know how to find the Google Analytics data. The business owners I work for sure wouldn’t know how to use Analytics, so they end up not being able to distinguish between value you add along with their other marketing activities.

Obviously it would need to be automated if it should be possible at all.

Understandable. At this stage we are so busy just managing our own and then all of us have other jobs/businesses/services, to build something like that into the directory would not be something we could do at this time both for the time it would take and the cost of setting it up.

It sure is something we could consider down the road.

Personally, each web site should have there own Analytics. If not how do they know what is working for them and what isn’t.
Of course Analytics is but one of many tools that ever web site should be using.

Of course if they are a paid member they get any lead contact directly which comes through the directory so they will know it came from there.
Now if the potential customer contact them from their web site which they got from the directory it would not but most will say how they found them.

This will have to be a subject for another day.