New truck!

Drove down to Statesville NC yesterday and picked this up from a friend…can’t wait to start mounting equipment to it :slight_smile:

Everything except 1 tank is making it’s way onto the truck…loving the service body so far. Going to mount the reels on the top.

Trey, you will LOVE the service body!!! I have an 8gpm with a hotbox and generator and hose reels mounted on mine. I even have my DI tank and hose reels mounted on it too. Mine is a crew cab dully F-350 diesel. The fuel mileage sucks, but I like it!

I’m supposed to get the Graphic artwork design for the partial wrap for it. I LOVE BARTERING!!! I am getting a wrap for it in exchange for about 3 hrs worth of work. The sign company was installing the sign on a new academy sports building and dripped oil and hydraulic fluid all the way down the colored concrete in the front. The GM threatened to make them repour $15,000 of concrete if they didnt get it up ASAP. I dropped everything and got it taken care of in exchange for the truck getting wrapped:)

Now u have something to wrap or letter. Your low rider was too nice and the trailer too much framework. Nice looking truck for a Chevy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Statesville? Did you come down I-81 in VA?

I’m already loving it! I think its better than a flatbed lol… don’t you have one of your 8’s mounted on top? How does it pull water up??

And I’m trading some pw work for part of this truck :slight_smile: while I was down there I went to look at a 96,000sqft warehouse he bought, most likely going to be washing that within a month.

Definitely…next week the service body will be getting scuffed down and shot with a single stage white, then it’ll be lettered up. Now I can retire the blue truck and put even more drop on it! LOL

Greg, I came down 29 to 64 west to 81 then to 77…not sure if that was in your neck of the woods. When I go back down there probably in may we’ll have to meet up

Yep, 81 is right out my front door! Exit 114. Let me know the next time you come by.

Yes, I have my belt drive 8gpm mounted on the side. A belt drive will suck the water up. If you put your 13hp 8 on there, you will probably need to keep it on the level with the water. I don’t know for sure but you can call wherever you got the gear drive pump and ask them if it should pull up the side or not. Try it and see…then let me know lol

I think it’s the rpm of the pump that makes the pull. Should be the same as the belt drive.