New truck not finished yet


Beautiful build, I just have a basic question…is that Zero-g Pro supply hose and how did you get more than 75’ of it?

Slicker than snoot on a door knob brother Tony.

It is. I hate it. I ordered flexzilla 3/4 hose and at the time of the picture it had not arrived. Lowes had that hose on clearance for like bucks so I just stuck it on the reel till mt good hose came in

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Thank you sir

Very nice my man! Schedule 80 would have made that look a whole lot sexier :slight_smile: I loathe those PVC ball valves that don’t want to turn. I wonder if you can put a film on both seats with some Marine grease?? What hose is that with the Blue PVC Helix?

Me too. I was going to paint it black. That particular ball ball turns pretty easy. I just spray them. The blue hose is tiger flex. So everything that is blue is water every thing that is white is chem. Green and blue house is mixed


This Kuriyama here? BW300X100 Kuriyama Tigerflex BW Series Blue Water Low Temperature PVC – HoseWarehouse

What is Midwest using for their manifold a 2-1/4" square PVC?

Hey you know what would look sick sprayed on that PVC pipe? Scuff it and shoot it with some polyurea! Anything else sure would look spray painted IMHO

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That is the correct hose. They use a poly block. You can buy them on ebay. They do good job putting it together
I haven’t had any problems. That particular one was on my trailer also. I have about 500 house washes on it this year zero problems.