New truck build starting!

I’m in northern Vermont, so our season doesn’t really swing into gear until late April.

I’m moving out of an enclosed trailer and into a utility body truck. So, for the next month, I’ve got to get this thing ready to go. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

I’ll have two cold water pressure washers on skids; one 5.5 gpm and one 8 gpm. Two 12" Hannay reels for pressure hose and one 28" Hannay reel for garden hose. Additionally, I’ll have a 12v pump with another 12" Hannay reel for that and a metering mixing setup. I’m torn between getting a 125 leg tank or a 250 tote for my buffer. I’ll have a 35 gallon tank for downstreaming and a 50 gallon bleach tank. 16" surface cleaner and a leaf blower to put somewhere as well.

Here’s the truck: 2005 F250 with 8ft Reading utility body.

IMG_4027 IMG_4026


Thats going to be a nice setup when your done.

Love it. This exactly what I was telling my wife I wanted to switch to in the next few years. I cant contribute much but I’m excited to see how it turns out! Are you planning to mount the 2 washers on top of the tool boxes? My rough layout was going to try keeping everything for 1 setup per side, supply reel on drivers side, then attempting to give the tail to my 12 volt. Tanks in the center and ladder rack.


Yeah I plan to touch up that surface rust. Other than that it’s in great condition. It might look a little rough in the pictures because it just drove 100 miles through a slushy snow storm.

I need to play with the layout. I’m thinking machines on drivers side and hose reels on passenger side, but I won’t be able to fit all the reels along the side, so I’ll have to figure out a solution. At least one reel will end up mounted to the rear bumper.


Do you already have the hose reels? Because 28” is huge. 18” is pretty big, too.

The reels on the left are 18”, the others are 12”. There’s 100’ of 5/8 garden hose on the top reel, and 200’ of pressure hose on the lower. I could easily fit another 100-150 feet of hose on both reels.

Save you some space and use the same tank for DS as you do with your 12v.

Put one of these on ur downstream line to control the amount of SH being downstreamed


I want the huge supply line reel for running 300 feet from hydrants but thanks for the heads up!

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That’s pretty neat, thanks! I wasn’t planning on having any surfactant in that tank but I suppose it wouldn’t hurt. When using roof snot or cling on for roofs, having some elemenator pulled from my sh tank wouldn’t really matter would it?

Nope, wouldn’t hurt it


Still a work in progress (getting helper springs put in, as it rides lower than I’m comfortable with, waiting on some fittings for the mixing system, learning likes and don’t likes, etc.), but it’s great to work out of and I’m loving it compared to my old 6x12 enclosed trailer…



I really like those trucks for setups. Like @Innocentbystander’s.

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Got a pic looking in from the rear. Like how you have your 12v setup.

Thanks, basically you and @Innocentbystander are who I tried to take ideas from.


Do you ever have problems with water flow due to the pumps being higher. I like the service truck build, maybe in the future. Right now i have a belt drive 4gpm but was just curious

No issues at all.

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In case your curious how much you can fit on the 18” titan I have been putting it to the test. I only have room for one reel right now until I get the lumber rack frame custom built to add 2 more but I have 200’ of 3/8” pressure hose then add 225’ of 1/2” ag hose on top of it after…

Looks great! I’m biased to trailers…if the truck goes down, you’d wish you had the trailer; unless, you have a back up.

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