New trailer?


Smart, Saves having to lift it in and out of truck :grinning:

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The guy was doing 60mph…

I was only going 59, mind your business.


Notice it was a SC tag. Us good ole boys know how to getter done.


Out of date tags makes me question their integrity. Is that just me? :joy:

Looks like a concrete cutting machine.

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Yep, me too.

@Dallsheep - those are just suggestions down here, lol

I’m gonna be honest. Up here my boat trailer has never had a license plate on it. The vin has been washed off, and there’s no easy way to title it so I just roll with it. There’s cars here that have t been tagged in like 10 years :joy::joy::joy:

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Utility trailers here in KY aren’t required to have plates. Now if you venture into other states that will cause issues.

Probably a HD rental. Looks like something I’d do. Darn thing probably weighs 150 lbs if it is a concrete saw

Perhaps a stump grinder?
South Carolina doesn’t require tags for trailers either for personal use.
I’ve also been told (not fact checked) we don’t require trailer lights to work if 1- the trailer is being towed in daylight hours, and 2- the trailer or it’s load do not block the taillights of the vehicle towing it.

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That is alsoy.understanding