New Trailer Wrap

Starting to look good. Excited to see it in person on the trailer. What are your thoughts?


Looks good

Overall look is nice…but seems to be a bit hard to read the name…at least for me.


Lose the water background. Blue on black could be seen down the street. Textures have no business in things you want noticed. Otherwise that’s one of the better ones I’ve ever seen on here.

Oh. I’d probably lose the gradient on the hydro blast power wash. Solid blue. Clear. Simple. Easy to read.

I wouldn’t advertise home advisor.

I’d see the and remember your name and home advisor and pair them together. Some may go through home advisor to reach you, now your paying for your own lead,


Also change the pictures around so the before and after line up with the services

Good points. I’ll get him to adjust. But I love that water background! Lol

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He’s adding my website in there too

The font takes too long to interpret


What did you pay?

  1. It turned out great.
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Wow you got a deal. that’d be around 3500 here

Knoxville wraps has the hookup

@HydroBlast HydroBlast how has the trailer wrap worked out for you so far? Do you feel it was worth the investment? We have a few trucks and trailers that I want to wrap soon. Even if we don’t get many calls from the wrap I feel it brings a much higher level of company professionalism. Your trailer rocks!

@HydroBlast. Put an @ in front of the name so it goes straight to that person bubby.

@Hotshot thanks!

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