New trailer paint ideas

I’m looking into now having a trailer custom built, and I am looking for some ideas mainly on the paint. It will be made the way I want it and I’m thinking about going with a 16ft trailer car hauler (no rails) with a customized ladder rack built on it. Since it will be new, I pretty much can call the shots on how I want it primed and painted. Any suggestions on what you guys would do? Power coating I think is out of the question but does one brand of paint hold up better to SH than another?

I wish I didnt go 16’…I only use about half of the trailer…plenty of room for whatever the heck ya want but residential is a pain with it…

I agree with Trey. I have a 16 ft car type trailer Ive had for years. I used to build and sell patio furniture and used it to set up and deliver. It was a real pain sometimes in narrow residential areas. I don’t use much of it at all right now because I don’t have a tank right now. I am thinking of selling it and buying a 12 footer for p/w…

Sorry no help with the paint. Mine was painted buy the manufacturer. It’s got a lot of rust showing now.

Guys, I have a F-350 that I have loaded down for residential so I am not worried about that. This will be for commercial and roof cleaning mainly but will be used for residential on my busy days (crew of 3-4 guys at one time)

Read My Lips!!!..POWDER COAT!!! Costs as much and lasts longer.

If you go paint you won’t like what it will cost to do it right so it will last, but I’ll tell you…Sand blast to bare metal, 2 coats high end (PPG, DuPont) epoxy primer, allow primer to cure (Couple of days) then 2 coats PPG, Dupont automotive paint…Clear coat optional.

Cost…$1500.00 (Or there about)

when i repainted my flatbed the local paint supplier suggested i used a special primer they had. it was kinda expensive . but once it cures its freaking bullet proof. its basicly liquid bondo . when you spray it it wont lay flat quite like paint. but for a trailer it looks fine. and it is tough. it goes on thick like gelcoat. about the thickness of a credit card. i needed to weld somthing on the truck a few months latter. i had to break out the grinder and push like heck just to remove it were i needed to weld

What was it called?

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