New trailer build

…and so it begins

All ready have it all planned out in 30 secs. hahahah… Got to love PW’ers hope all goes well with the new build

It isn’t what I wanted to start off with a frame but they made me a deal I couldn’t refuse. New 18ft trailer with new Chrome mag wheels and new 8ply trailer tires and LED lights for $2000 out the door.

That’s purty. We just changed over from an 18’ flatbed trailer to an 18’ box on Isuzu chassis. Can’t say that the trailer will be missed but I am looking forward to watching your build.

That is a pretty fair price for such a good looking trailer.

I didn’t think so either since they wanted $600 just for rims and tires on it. It’s going to get a ladder track fabbed up on it this week. This is going to be for big residential/commercial jobs. My goal is to put 2-3 hot boxes on it with 4 8gpm machines and a 500 and 300 gallon tanks.

Do you have the GPS locator and alarm system hooked up yet

Working on the GPS locator now and I figure an alarm system is useless for them. With our PWRA discount we get the GPS locator service for $29 a month:)

Did you get the 5000lb + axles for it? Looks like you going to carry alot of weight at times and if their the 3500lb axles they’ll end up bending on ya. One of my trailers a few yrs ago we bent the axles and darn near broke one. Next day I had them switch out to 5500lb axles I think they were rated at.

4-8gpm machines with hot boxes are going to be over 2000lbs and the water capacity when those tanks are full your looking @ another 7000lbs added in. Running upwards to 32gpm with all machines running you will need all that water for sure… Stronger axles you may want to consider if you don’t have them yet.

Either way great price on that trailer you bought there.


John, we don’t run with hardly any water in the tanks (100 gallons at the most). We will hydrant fill on the big jobs on site and we won’t be using all machines at one time very much. 5,000 lb axles can be added later if need be. I have a trailer supplier that I can get them swapped out for pretty reasonably. We will add to it as we go and short term goal this year we will add the 300 gallon tank, a 13hp 8gpm and a cold water 8gpm 3000psi along with 2 hot boxes and hopefully the 500 gallon tank. We have the 300 gallon tank, a hot box and a 13hp going on this next few weeks.