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Hello all. My name is Chad Abrams. I am the owner of South Jersey Pro Wash. I began washing with my father when I was 12…yes 12. He started a power washing company with my uncle in the mid 70’s. I started out in the back of the truck or trailer just moving the pickup hose from the soap drum to the rinse drum when they would tell me. I worked for them until I graduated high school when they closed the business. I went into construction then worked for 10 years as a repair tech for Verizon until I was laid off 4 years ago. I went back to construction and began working for a friend of mine who had a washing business on the side. I helped him take it from just weekends to a few jobs during the week. He decided he wanted to spend more time with his family. I decided I was tired of making money for other people and I bought the business in August of last year. And here I am.
I look forward to learning from and contributing to this forum and making friendships along the way. I will be upgrading all my equipment throughout the season as I will be doing this full time so I will have many questions. Thanks in advance!

Welcome to PWR!

Thanks Thad.


Welcome to the forum Chad! You will enjoy working with the guys and gals on here! Best of luck to you from all of us at Joe Walters Insurance.

I get a few calls from Williamstown every year, do you have a website?

I do. where are you located?

I’m in EHT


Welcome… Alot of good info here