New to the Pressure Washing business

Fellow tradesmen and women I made a decision a few months ago to to supplement my income with pressure washing. At that time I was A full time steel worker who’s hours were cut to 4 day work weeks. I have purchased a trailer mounted 3000 PSI 4 GPM hot water unit that came with a surface cleaner. I planned on launching my business this coming March 2014 but now I am thinking about launching it sooner as I have been laid off.

I have a quote for insurance with Joe Walters insurance and it’s ready to go as soon as I am.

I’ve been doing extensive reading on this site as well as PWI. Personally I find this site more informative. There are a few questions Id like to ask.

Is it to late in the season to launch my business? I’m in North East Texas and we are having a mild season.

For jobs that I get is there a contract I should use?

I truly welcome any and all comments.

Welcome ABPW.

There are a bunch of business forms in the Members section but I think that you have to be a paying member to access them. I am not familiar with your area but it’s never too soon to get the party started. Do you have any start up money set aside? You might want to check with [MENTION=803]Thad[/MENTION], I think he has the secret to saving twenty five percent or more on Joe Walters premiums.

If you were in a position to get your website started now, it could definitely be producing calls by spring. @Ambidextrous Services is the go to expert here for that.

We started in the fall in western Maryland so you could probably do the same in Texas.

A word of caution though; You can’t just dip your toe in the water. This pressure washing gig can be so rewarding (and you can make a dollar too!) that once you’re in, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

At 52 y.o, you should have a good bit of life experience that will serve you well in the service business.

My name is Tim, what’s yours?

Welcome friend.

Hi Tim, I’m Jeff. Thanks for the tip on getting a discount for insurance. I do have some money’s to get started but it’s limited. As far as a website, I’ve started working on one myself but it’s taking forever to get it how I want it.

Hi Jeff,

I just answered your post on FB.

Business name.

Join PWRA.

You will instantly get your money back in the first two most important things you must do.

  1. Insurance.

  2. Anya website.

Spend a couple dollars, save a bunch of time while Anya builds you a site that actually works. Use that time to figure out how to wash stuff and research your market.

Call Anya tomorrow. Simply ask her, if you join the PWRA, what is the least amount of money you can spend to get her to build you a site. Find a way to get that money. Go.

I see a lot on here about soft wash. I can see the need for surfaces like vinyl siding and stucco. What about wood? Are there other areas soft washing should be considered? Also, I don’t own a soft washing system but from what I have read if I downstream soap and then rinse with cold water via downstream is this considered soft wash?

You said it all, Tim.

Fall is Money Time in residential, Jeff. Get up and running as fast as possible and scoop up those holiday dollars.

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SoftWash. Don’t overthink it.


Thanks Thad. Tim, in the video it looks like one of the tips was altered to be bigger thus creating a lot less pressure at the tip. Is this true?

I’m not sure how to get my name out there fast enough to get some of those holiday dollars. Any ideas?

Not modified. They sell them that way. Until you do more research on tips, and finding your personal preferences, this is what you should use to get started:

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Josh, i just learned on Facebook that is a jrod. I have one of them although I don’t know how to use it yet.

Talk to Tim Wagner. Talk to to Tim Nunez.

I hear if you join the PWRA you can get some awesome yard signs at incredible prices

I’d be happy to talk you through the basics if you want to give me a call tomorrow.

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Can someone tell me Anya’s phone number?

Pressure Washing Resource Association Members Only! | Web Design Raleigh NC | National Award Winning Web Design

I’d be happy to talk to ya! My office number is 919-975-4942. The discounts are showing on the page Tim posted, but if you have questions, give me a buzz.