New to the forum

hi to ya all,new to the name is mark foote i’m from rumney n.h. my business name is imperial window cleaning.i have been washing windows for almost 30 years now and my customers have been asking me if i wash houses for years. i just got around to buying a machine (pressure pro 4gpm 4000psi belt drive) i will be asking for a bunch of info soon so i hope you guys will help me out when the time comes. if you need any info about window cleaning ask away and i will help all that i can.this is a great forum and i want to thank all you people for putting this info out there. just wanted to say hello and tell a little about myself. thanks again and have a good one!!

Welcome, Mark!

There is a lot of good content to get you started. Read, read, read, and if there’s something you don’t get ask away!

will do thad,thanks and try to stay cool down there.