New to the business

My name is Tony Ferguson and I own Patriot Pressure Washing in Rocky Face, GA. I spent the last 5 years on active duty in the Army and I am still a SGT in the Army Reserve. I opened my business 1April 2012. I am a member of PWNA and have also been trained through The Contractors Foundation. I am looking forward to learning alot from this forum.

Welcome Tony!

Welcome, Tony and thank you for your service.

Welcome and on this memorial day, I too thank you for your service. Good luck with your business

Hi Tony,
Are you pretty well set up in your business/equipment? You may qualify for Envirospec’s new Washin’ Warrior program designed to help 12 veterans get started in the industry. You can read an article I wrote about it here:​the-washin-warriors-project​-2012-05-03/.
Don’t let the need for a sponsor prevent you from trying for this. We can find you a sponsor. John Allison just wants to help veterans get started. He is in Homerville, Georgia, so he’s pretty close to you.
Let me know if you want to learn more and I’ll call and find out more about your situation.
BTW – my husband works full-time for the Army National Guard, so we are a military family as well.
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I have everything equipment wise i need besides reclaim systems, and I am absolutely interested in the veterans program. I have put my whole life into this business, I am passionate about it and would love some type of genuine mentorship. I will read the article you suggested and apply for the program. Thanks so much for the advice and I will let you know how it goes. I thank you and your husband for your military service also!

There are a lot of resources and expertise available here so don’t hesitate to ask questions. We’re here to help!
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What ever you do, don’t think this is a hoax. Allison did the same for me (Retired Army) and I just got back yesterday with a brand new pressure washer, chemicals, spare stuff and a lot more. Equallly important is how free John Allison (Owner of Envirospec) is with advice, tips, and tricks. Considering how long he has been in the business and the depth of knowledge he has, this alone is invaluable. Also, he didn’t just give me thousands of dollars worth of stuff, his intentions are to keep the training and benefits going till you are a complete success and he will do about anything to see it happen! He and his wife, Shelly, were both in the Army.

Good Luck - David