New to the business in Ontario


Hi everyone,

I decided to start a PW business this year to make some part-time income and figured I will introduce myself.

I already had a 4 GPM/ 4200PSI pressure washer and a truck so start up costs aren’t terrible for me. My business is located in Ontario, Canada and will focus mainly on residential to get started. My area has a lot of rental/vacation properties as well as large houses from high earning people from Toronto. I will mention that Toronto is 1.5-2 hours away so most owners of these large properties farm out there maintenance. I was originally looking into lawn care but I needed a more flexible schedule to book customers due to my day job.

Biggest issue I am running into which seems to be across the board for Canadian businesses is equipment/chems. No where can I buy a J-Rod, simple cherry, elemonator. SH is no problem as there is a chem supplier close by as well as many pool supply stores.

Currently I am waiting to finish piecing my rig together before I start advertising and booking customers.

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Hey @ElementPW! I’m located in SW Ontario. Unfortunately they’re aren’t any suppliers that offer surfactants in Canada believe it or not. Same with jrods. Your best bet is to find someone to weld you nozzle holders together and purchase the nozzles from somewhere (0040 and 2540 or 1540 is all you need for DSing). If you can’t find someone to weld them together send me a message and I’ll send you one if you pay the shipping. A couple american websites like will ship to Canada but be aware there will most likely be brokerage fees involved. You can become your own broker, Google it for info on how to do so. Any questions you have about washing, marketing, etc are on this forum. Simply use the search bar and you will learn more than you can imagine. Best of luck.

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I’ve been lurking around the forums for about a month now. Registered the other day, don’t know what took me so long haha. I’m actually a fabricator by trade so I was planning on welding them myself. I’ve read a lot of good info here already. More then I can remember.

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Someone needs to start a pw distribution business in Canada.


What are taxes in Canada like though?


If your talking sales tax in Ontario it’s 13% HST. In Alberta and maybe Saskatchewan there is no provincial tax only government which is 5%


Agreed. We need a distributor that offers soft washing products. No one sells pressure washing chemicals beside fleet washing soaps. Can’t even find nozzles with an orifice over 10.


Seems like you guys have it easier than the guys from New Zealand and Australia.

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Hey i live in surrey, british columbia. You can do what i do and get an address across the border and get your shipments delivered there. You usually have to pay a small yearly fee and then a fee when you pick it up (depending on weight). After its just making the trip there and make sure you let them know youre picking up for business (to the border guys) or else you can get in trouble, pay the 13$ us fee and do same when coming back to canada.


I saw that process recommended on another post as well. I never knew that was even a thing until then. I’m actually waiting to receive my passport now as mine had expired about 7 years ago. I’ll just have to order a large enough quantity to make the 5-6 hour round trip worth it. The money and time are worth getting professional results.


Definitely lol. My city borders the US so I’m a bit more lucky than some.


I thought of suggesting that but figured he was a good distance from the border. @ElementPW you have the right idea though. A larger order will definitely make it worth it. Then you can spend the day or night in Niagara falls :grin:

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Yeah its weird up here. Its almost like we are 10-15 years behind from the americans. Dont get why its like that.


Yeah,but ya’ll have a cleaner country ,good healthcare and are more polite. Except when ya get further north in the French speaking folks territories :smile:


The polite thing is just a myth for the most part lol. Your spot on about the French speakers…as I’ve experienced at least. As for our health care… :canada: :canada: :canada: :grin:


Been saying this for years


My fellow Canadians, if you want a Jrod see the store above.@Chris would
be able to answer better than I, but I am sure they can ship items like a jrod
to Canada. Chemicals not so sure of.If stuck for a soap surfactant@Racer pointed me to Arm and Hammer Oxi Liquid laundry detergent for washing houses. Thanks again Rick!

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I just priced the parts required to make 2 jrods from the website above. $50 for parts, over $250 in shipping. I don’t think I will be ordering from there. That shipping cost is ridiculous.

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Canadian friends, I live less than an hour from the border in Vermont.

I’m not sure the logistics, but if there’s any way I can drive products over and have it shipped to you I’d be game.

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