New to Soft Washing - Using 12V System

Hey folks, CJ here from just south of Tampa Florida. Having first looked into building a mobile car wash trailer, I started researching pumps and such with youtube looking at pumps, hoses, nozzles, etc. It didn’t take very long to notice soft wash is a great business for me. I have built a 12 volt rig utilizing a simple batch mix and rinse tank. So now all ready to go with some good nozzles to start out with. I received great insight from lots of folks, and can understand if there is some frustration with people who ask a lot of questions that would have been explained in topics previously posted had they taken a few moments to do a search. I think it is a great idea to categorize the areas. I am sure I will want some opinions on things like marker dyes, fragrances, neutralizers etc. that I haven;t got into yet. CJ

Welcome aboard. A lot of surfactants are already scented. Not all but you can buy cover scents. No reason to use dyes.

Most of us on here use pressure washers to soft wash. It’s just faster and more efficient. You might want to consider that and save the 12v for roofs, stucco, concrete, or other surfaces that require a stronger mix. Using a pressure washer with decent gpm you’ll be able to knock out more jobs in a day which means more money with less work.


Thanks for the welcome marinegrunt. I was tempted to put my money on a pressure washer at one point. Ultimately I decided on the 12 V rig because I am elderly, and I am hiring a helper to do the physical work. I figure I have spent more than the $1800 an electric start belt drive 4 gpm machine I might have purchased if I could personally do the shooting. However, since that is not possible, and because employees just don’t give a damn about damage and liability issues, I had to go with the soft wash where I can control the operation. I ought to mention there are literally thousands of upscale mobile home communities here, and my rig was built with this specific market in mind. It is driven by a everflo 7 gpm pump with a spare pump on the side. Noise is another factor in these parks. So, as much as I like the idea of faster execution and more profit, and that would be wonderful, my liability for damages would shut me down the first time an employee ruined or damaged something. However, I have been reading the great posts here and find that when it comes to exterior house washing, I see many of the same topics relating to application specifics on various types of materials, techniques, and pricing for services a newbie like myself can incorporate. Thank you all…


Makes complete sense. Best of luck with your new venture!

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