New (To ME) HotBox. Tips and Tricks?

@Firefighter4hire convinced me that I don’t want to go through another Winter without a hot box. SO I bought this:

I have almost no experience with a hot box. Can I get some tips, tricks, and caveats from the brain trust here?


I love it. Did you get the whole set up. More pictures?

A 35g mix tank, a large buffer tank, a reel, 100 ft of hose, and a cheap gun.

Give me a call when you get a chance

12v burner or 110v? I would just check the electrodes for wear, clean the burner gun assembly, adjust the air band, check the fuel pressure, see what burner nozzle it’s running, eliminate the thermostat and run the smallest gph fuel nozzle you can on it so you can get some life out of the firebox before you torch through the baffle.


Thanks brother Perez. I’m going to my local dealer this morning for orientation and a good checkup

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