New to kitchen hoods

I am looking to break into the market of hood cleaning, i have never cleaned a hood. Residential has been our bread and butter and was wondering if there are any good how to vids out there,also what does a typicall hood job pay?

Hood Cleaning is not a hobby.

Hood Cleaning is a lifestyle.

It’s not for the faint of heart.

It does not pay enough.

YMMV has some good info to watch/read. I did hood cleaning for 3 years IT SUCKS!!! However if you like getting greasy, working at night till the early a.m., and waiting 30 days to get paid than hood cleaning is for you.

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I agree that Hood Cleaning is a not for the faint of heart and one of if not the toughest type of commercial cleaning out there. Of the guys we have buying cleaners for exhaust work most work at least 4-5 night a week to make a living, it is hard on a family life, and many burn out after 2-3 years of doing it. I do have one guy that is also a fire fighter that loves it. He works two days on as a fireman, then the next three days (nights) he cleans hoods, then back to fire fighting, always on rotation, but he was already use to that type of up all night kind of thing. Many guys that are still in the business years later are there just as office support, take the phone calls to book the jobs and have hired younger guys to work the crews during the nights.

KEC is not for everybody… I’ve done it when I was a student as a summer job and liked it to the point I baught the company… It was more than 20 years ago! I’ve sold the company and did a bunch of other things only to comeback to KEC 4 years ago… Since then I’ve grew the company to 120 service agreement done in 2013 and looking at doing around 150 in 2014 and it’s all done by myself, no employees!

Yes it’s a hard job, working at night 95% of the time, but as some of my fellow “greasers” would say; you need tough skin to be a greaser!

And to answer you post, you’ll need more than how-to vids to get in that playing field. There’s a lot of things that need to be considered before starting a KEC division…

Anyhow Good Luck!

To answer the OP. It aint easy being greasy. KEC take a full time commitment, even if you do it part time. It takes a special skill set and insurance. If you dont wash someones hose yearly it isnt going to burn down. The commitment in KEC is for fire and safety. That in my opinion is a little more serious where there is a liability factor is in play.