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Hey guys my name is Jimmy Jackson, owner of Jackson’s Heated Pressure Washing in Caruthersville, Missouri. I’ve been running my business for a few years now. I’m new to the forum and just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I hope to learn a from you guys. Maybe you could start by telling me how to add a picture on here?? I cannot figure it out! I’m thinking it could be the browser I’m using (chrome). I also would appreciate if you guys could take a second and drop by my website and drop some advice. I’ve been working really hard on it. Maybe you could share yours as well, I love to learn from others.

Jimmy Jackson

Welcome, Jimmy

Hi Jimmy and welcome to the forum. It looks like your website is coming along nicely.

I dont have chrome but make sure your pictures are not oversized and then try to attach them to a post. When all else fails, upload them from your phone with tapatalk.

Welcome, Jimmy!


Thanks for the welcome everyone! I’ll get it figured out and get a picture up soon!

Jimmy Jackson

Welcome, Your about 6 hours from me. I’m right outside Kansas City,MO.

Yeah, I usually make a trip that way at least once a year. I have some former teammates that live there. A great area, how’s business there for you?

Teammates? Business is good here

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I played football at the University of Missouri from 2004-2008.

Cool. They just moved to the sec. Im an lsu fan lol. Im from texas. Just moved here last year. My wife is in the air force

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Yeah, they aren’t having a great year this year. Very frustrating to watch. I have a lot of teammates from Texas as well. There is a lot of pride that comes along with Texas. Can’t believe you aren’t a Texas fan!

I try and keep up with them, But LSU/SAINTS is where my heart is lol. Been that way since i was about 10 years old.

Welcome Jimmy

Welcome jimmy