New swivel leaking

Hey guys, I just put together my new swivel set-up. Suttner 2315 with a 3/8" mosmatic swivel and stainless hansen plugs. Should I be using any tape on the threads to keep the seal tight? I hooked it up yesterday and it began to leak out of the threads of the swivel.

Thanks for any suggestions

Get you some pipe thread sealer from lowes, tractor supply, or home depot. That will do the trick, it will also let the threads screw into each other further which will solve the leaking issue as well.

Thanks for the tip. So a product like this is what you are recommending?

I believe this is what i use.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a whirl today

Or just put some teflon tape on it and be done with it

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@Innocentbystander That’s what i tried with my ball valve and mosmatic swivel I bought a couple weeks ago but i never could get it to seal all the way so i had to use the sealant. Teflon has seemed to work on almost all of my other fittings though!!

I use Teflon tape on all threads. Just curious the swivel yonare using, is it going at the end of your hose where your gun attaches? I have a summer hose and the ends already swivel. I bought the swivel pictures but it does the same thing the fitting on the hose does.

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Blue Monster ftw

Y’all should really be using hose with a swivel crimped on. Those mosmatic swivels have been known to let loose. Tef tape is all you need. If you have a leak after using it then something is threaded wrong or the tape is wrapped backwards.

That’s the same as mine I believe, I threw some teflon tape on it and no more leaks.

Thanks for the tips everbody. The teflon did the job so I didn’t need the other sealant that was recommended

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For your next hose get the swiveled ends

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not sure what you mean?

I got lost somewhere. If you wrap tef tape backwards on the threads, when you screw on the female side it pushes the tape off instead of wrapping it tighter

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This way to the blinker fluid ----------->

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Lol. When in doubt, I’m not afraid to ask the dumb question. This thread may help someone else in the future as well.