New surfactants.. elemonator or fresh wash?

Ive read a few posts on this and looks like a 50/50 split on what people are recommending. Elemonator is a few bucks cheaper but the price difference is minuscule. We have used a few different things in the past mostly being S.C. however i did not see much masking of the smell with it. I think we could cut our mixture back a bit as ive seen good results from guys claiming 1.5:3 and 2:3 is plenty for them. Which product is most recommended for clinging action and scent coverage? We are going to a bigger mix tank so would like to know your thoughts on how much to add also. I see anywhere from 1-5oz per 5 gallons

Definitely Elemanator. And it’s from a reputable vendor

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I use elemonator at 1oz per gallon. But I will say, I don’t see much in the scent masking department that I’ve heard others claim. I do like it though and haven’t really considered anything else.

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great… what do you recommend for adding? I just want an idea of how far this $100 bucket will get me. Lets say 40/60 in a 100gallon chem tank

At 1 oz or gallon, for each 100 batch(your tank size), you would use 100 oz or roughly .78 gallon. From a 5 gal bucket of Elemenator, you would get 6.4 - 100 gal batches.

I use about 8 ounces per 65 gallons of mix.

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One ounce per gallon will make shaving cream on the siding and ground


how does it work for masking the SH? Its not much of an issue with our residential work, im more worried about when we help out the old folks! They dont seem to like that smell.

I really can’t smell much of anything but the guys sat it smells like lemonade. I’ve not received any complaints

ill give it a whirl! Im the same way, cant even smell the SH any more. Plus with the mix you say your running, the surfacant actually ends up being cheaper than what im paying now.

I hate to talk bad about a product but I got a sample of Fresh Wash at the Huge Convention. I was so ready to have that batch used up to get back to Elemonator. I look forward to trying Apple Wash when I get a Pro-Portioner in a couple months. I’ve never had anything effectively cover the scent of the sh.

Elemonator works well for us.
Much better than Dawn, LOL

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I am disappointed that the huge convention would have any truck with such product

Test it for yourself as far as the mix. Anything less 1.5oz per gal and I can barely see any suds.


I use Arm & hammer wit Oxi Clean. 1oz per gallon. Works well for me and it over powers the SH.

I am at 1/2 ounce of elemonator per gallon of water downstreamed.
Works like a charm.

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I’m with @Racer but I use 1 oz/gallon…Di you get enough cling for the dwell time you need at 1/2 oz?

Jesse, hope all is well. 1/2 ounce gives me the cling i need. I was at 1 ounce
per gallon of water, but tried cutting elemonator in half, and saw no difference
in the results and cling , so stuck with the 1/2 ounce per gallon of water.

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Per gallon of mix or gallon of water

@theotherguy, 2.5 ounces of elemonator added to 5 gallons of water and
down streamed for a vinyl sided house wash.

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