New Surface Cleaner


What kind of a hot box is that? What size machine?


So, I’ve been wanting a Maxima to run with my 8GPM machine, but I’ve heard it’s not worth it… @Fatdaddy how has it done for you?


Its a 8gpm 6000 psi 300 tank, I have a 15 gallon tank for chemicals/ roof mix…
Good no streaks so far, I got a 8 court tennis courts to do… Did a 4 court now his comp wants his done saw I did it… This will make it go faster I do a test section make sure no problems,


Guys, please don’t put a surface cleaner on a tennis court


Yes you can use sc on tennis courts


8@6000? What could you need 6000 psi for outside of industrial applications? And wouldn’t you need a 40hp+ engine to push that?


He doesn’t have an 8gpm 3000 psi machine.


You can also lick snakes in theory, but there are some things that have no business being done. Quit trying to screw with the new guys.


Just cause you say so, it aint so.
SC are fibe on tennis courts


sir you just SO WRONG on some things, pressure is pressure I just used SC on tennis courts and it does fine… NO ISSUES i put my 15" on wood decks NO ISSUES you say don’t do something but don’t say why?
I can be done and its professional… You can dog people as you sometimes do tell others no dont do that? like its God talking :slight_smile:


Lol, go get em. You have been lucky or customers don’t realize your are destroying their property , or both. I know you don’t do this for a living, but a lot of us do. You aren’t hurting anything in the little area you have, but a lot of us depend on doing professional work to stay in business. It has been explained to you why you don’t put surface cleaners on wood and courts. Do what you feel is best for you, but please quit spreading bad advice to new guys that may not know better or think you are doing this commercially or professionally.


This is good advice if it works for you in your job…
You always do a test on what u are doing…
I really think u need to shut up sometimes keep your advice to yourself… Its not always Spot On…


My goal isn’t to embarrass you. Just stop with the bad advice and it will stop. To many new guys coming here that don’t know your backstory. Let it go and talk about generalities if nothing else.


point is it is NOT bad advice… O you going to get me banned I see…What I say works for me will for others… you just don’t do it do it your way all is well…


There is about 8 videos of using surface cleaners…
Good ness … But u use your wand to wash one…



Please tell me you see the stripes in that video? Just because others do it wrong does not make it right. I have no power or desire to see you banned. I just want you to quit giving bad advice. As long as you continue to do so I will call you out on it. Notice how I leave you alone on your other posts? No bad advice there. I don’t agree with you taking cash and not reporting it or being a chauvinist, but that is only effecting you and your conscience. Giving advice that will get others in a bind is not professional. Cut it out and I’ll leave you be. Why do you so that I use a wand to clean one. That type of falsehoods and outright lies is what irks me about people you can’t talk to face to face. I xjet a 50/50 mix and rinse with a low pressure tip and a six inch nipple takes about 2 hours per court. We do a lot of them as most apartment communities have them and most of my hoa communities want them done when we do pool opening cleanings. I have seen the damage done by yokels and surface cleaners on courts.


Backstory you say I am… friend your a legend in your own mind but thats OK its you, how you operate… Treat others see I don’t mind calling you out, what others think… I have done 5 tennis courts no issues no complaints of any kind… Got one more big one to do… any here you go another rumor I report my money, with wright offs you have to…
Sure everybody does


I honestly can’t follow what you said there but I am glad you got 5 courts done without damage. Try them without the surface cleaner and see if you can’t make more money by being quicker and limit you liability. Goal is to make money quickly and not have to pay any out. Good luck


that 50/50 mix does it go in the drain or do you get it up? Rules are Rules some want to follow some talk about them… ok ok your still my friend you have helped me in the past… Your name pic of son even came up on a Facebook page to add you as a Friend… I had a good grin