New skid unit

Ok so this kinda of a long story but last year I got a really good deal on this skid unit. I have 3 other machines. But I had this trailer that I built for another purpose,and reels in the shop as spares so I decided to put this rig together as a back up. To be honest the dealer said it was a 5.5 gpm pump I got 7gpm out of it today open flow. So I decided to look up the pump but I cant find this one on cats website I looked though the forums on the site and cant find any mention of it either does anyone else have one it’s the only cat pump I have ever owned just curious

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Open flow is not a true test. You need to see how many gpm it produces at the rated psi. So if it’s an3500 psi pump you need to tip it until you get the correct psi. With the unloader set to where it’s just bypassing a trickle when on the trigger to a bucket test.

Unless you are using it for low pressure ds soap. Then it’s just awesome that it produces more than advertised.

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Best I can find it’s this, but the ‘CSS’ doesn’t pop up.

I’m going to call Cat in the morning I just want to buy a rebuild kit for it

All I could really find in 5min search.

Close but mine is a pp not a cp

127382 should be your pump, regardless of the new pump# designations. Made for graco.

So if I order a rebuild kit for it using that number I’m good

Definitely call and ask, but i would think so.