New Site Is Up

Hey Guys & Gals. Just released our new website. Take a look, thoughts? Suggestions?

I like it. Very clean, professional, and easy to navigate! I especially like the side buttons at the top. Very good site! Definitely a step above the rest!

nice, clean, easy to read and understand, did Anya do it?

Of course!

One of the best website’s I’ve seen … Just finished my last job of the year yesterday … Going to be talking to Anya very soon to start my website that I signed up for at the convention … Also, going to start working on branding my business I learned from someone teaching a class at the convention LOL …

Anya gives an incredible EXCLUSIVE discount to PWRA members. If you’re not a member she will save you $50 on your membership, too!

Little hands, huge heart.

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Definitely, I got a great deal. I also believe when it is all said and done that this website I’m having done is going to be my greatest ROI that I ever spent. I spent just a little over $1500 in a local mailer/coupon book and came out in the red. I think I’m going to be shocked to see how many people went to my website Home cause I know how many calls I got from it.