New Shop Input

We may be looking at buying some property and building a shop in the summer. This is really only if some things keep falling into place this winter. But to be prepared I am designing the shop now so i can get an engineer approval for city zoning permits.

My question is what are some must haves?

Pictured below is my current design. 72 deep by 60 wide. Offices 2 bathrooms a “nap” room that will have 2 sets of bunk beds and a mini kitchen.

The tip right is my wash bay where ill have a hot water “cleanout” bay

Truck at an angle in the bottom is the “mechanic” area and ill install a 2 post lift. Big gray box at the bottom is 30 foot wide pallet storage racks.

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I’d talk with an accountant first… see which route is more beneficial. Building, buying, or leasing.

Hate to see you leave a bunch of $$ on the table

I am very limited on buying and and leasing here in Macomb. All the places that are for sale or lease are either way to big or just to small. I spoke with her in the spring and she said it would be a great deduction over many years. The current shop I am in at the house was an amazing investment. It pulled me down a tax bracket the year I built it and saved me thousands.

Your shop at the house is zoned for commercial?

I was under the impression that in order to deduct it had to be zoned commercial?

I’ve been wanting to build a shop at my house, especially if I’m able to deduct it. Right now I lease a shop, it’s decent size but the way the doors are and how shallow it is I can only fit two trucks in there.

No, but I was able to write off a percentage of it as business use. I forget what it was… Maybe 40%?

And I do not believe it has to be zoned commercial for a deduction! I have never been told that and we have been using our property as a write off for many years. Tax lady always approved it and shes the one who has to back me up with the tax man lol


Good to know. I’m not an accountant, obviously lol.

Dont make it too cozy or it will end up being your dog house… turn to man cave

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Ventilation is lacking in most shops. Lots of air to move and in your situation, I would think you need a exterior zone under canopy for SH storage. Since you may be starting from scratch, it may be an idea to see what permits you need to be a supplier of chems?. Dont know your area but build it with other income streams in mind. Maybe its worth adding a rental/lease space attached?

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That is a great point. I plan on building a “salt shack”. That is just a fancy term for 3 sided barn. I was going to make it a little larger in one area to install a fuel tank and HAZMAT area. This will have raised concrete block around the foundation as a spill containment area. But at this time I never keep more than 110 gallons of SH at any given time on hand. It is also in drums.

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I want it to be very relaxing! I may be spending most days there year round lol.

Dont forget to put your meat cooler on there too for deer season. Processing station. Fly tying office. Ooh and a smoke shack.


I’ll do that stuff at home lol already have it all set up!

Then get an indoor grill

Don’t forget a janitors closet, just a spot to fill and wash buckets, maybe store a vacuum, mops, etc.

also where will you keep, rakes, shovels, parts, hoses, mower, leaf blower, ladders, and other building maintenance items

I really like the idea of adding a spot to rent out


That’s not a bad idea! I could put that in after the building is done. That way I can figure out the best place for it. As for adding a rental or lease space. I think I will pass. I don’t want to worry about who has access and if my stuff is secure.

I understand the security thing, but NOTHING is secure. Learned this working in a “max” facility lol. I really enjoy my privacy too, but wouldnt mind having someone else (in the right situation) paying a good portion of my mortgage. If you didnt need it tho, make it your castle!

If I were to want to make side money with the property I would put up another building (but smaller) for renting. I like the idea of privacy and castle. The lot I am looking at is about 1.5 acres right in town. I would be 15 yards from fastenal lol


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