New shirts?


Anyone tried these? Looking to get some shirts embroidered and was going to go with the sports tek polos but thats a nice pretty good deal for polos.


I have some of those from Queensboro. They have held up great. I only wear them for estimates and what not, never for cleaning. But they have been great


I have a bunch of them in white and blue and they work great! Very breathable and light weight the wind goes right through them which is nice.


Its says they are very thin thats why i asked about them. Last thing i want is my nipples to be visible if i get my shirt wet​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


Thats why i love me Columbia PFG shirts they let air in. Have you tried the sports tek ones?


Haven’t tried their shirts but their OGIO hats are awesome! Went through a lot of different hats before I found these. Now back to shirts.

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I like my Under Armour but I’ve used the George brand from Wmart, and they’re good too! Dry fit style.


Thats the hat i am going to try first. Im picky on hats so we will see.

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Mines black and hasn’t faded a drop. I thought @Infinity mentioned them a while back too.

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Queensboro is an awesome company. They are local to me by a couple of hours,


Yep. The Ogio Endurance Apex cap. Mine haven’t faded, either. And Queensboro uses polyester thread, so the stitching doesn’t bleach out like some other embroiderers’ do.

The reflective Ogio logos do eventually peel off, though. But I’ve got no problems with that :smirk:


I haven’t tried those ones yet. Was not too impressed with the sport tek polos, so these might be a good alternative. The sport teks ‘pull’ if you look at them sideways. And they seemed to stain much easier than the Port Authority polos.

Here’s my referral link. I believe we both get a credit if you use it:

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Ben Hogan polos…Walmart. Hold up nice


I’m not big on selfies so count yourselves among the lucky ones. Bonus: 6 polos with embroidery for $90 on Amazon through LogoUp.

I wear them everyday. Not one sign of bleach.


I like that color.


Like @Patriotspwashing said I’ve heard good things about the Ben Hogan polo shirts from Walmart. Currently waiting on some being embroidered.

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What is that?


Are those the same shirts i posted? AP3 all performance



When you order you upload an image and they embroider it for you. I had to email right after the order to tell them I wanted the logo in white. Simple. Took <5 minutes.


Where do you get them embroidered? I tried the Ben Hogan shorts this year after @MrSparkleVA recommended them, and I’m really happy with them so far. Thought about trying the shirts, but I’ve been so happy with the ones I got from Queensboro that I’ll probably go with them again.