New setup for soft washing

Hey guys,
Just setting up a new soft wash set up and have some questions… 1st. Is a Seaflo 5.5gpm /60 psi too small to get it done? 2nd. Is 200 ft of 3/4 inch hose too big for this setup? I think applying the chems will be ok but dont think my rinse will be strong enough.

Most of us downstream.

And most of us have a 12v pump, realize it has its uses, but still downstream. :smiley:

An 8 GPM pressure washer is the sweet spot for softwashing

3/8 hose is all you need.

8 gpm? I had an 8 gpm machine and it seemed like it wasn’t pulling SH very well with an 8 gpm injector. Do you do anything different with injectors or whatnot? (Not a challenge, I trust your experience far more than my own. Just not sure what I might’ve been doing wrong since it felt so diluted.)

Most of us use a 2.1 or you can even go to a 1.8 if you need it really strong.


What Rick said. He must have got up to pee also


2.1 works fine once I figured out how to eliminate air suction leaks in my setup.

But to answer OP’s question try to go with the 7gpm.