New PWRA Benefit- Welcome!

Please give a big welcome to [MENTION=6896]Cullen Adams[/MENTION] and

PWRA member now get 50% off of their initial setup and TWO months of FREE service. We are very excited about this exclusive member benefit and look forward to working closely with Cullen and

Man, you guys keep on adding services i’ve already bought! LOL

Yeah, you should have joined earlier…
Let this be a lesson to the rest of you procrastinators!


But he just joined? lol

Thanks Thad, Its great to be a part of the PWRA Family and I look forward to working with yourself and Chris and continue to go the extra mile to help members in the Pressure Washing industry.

I just looked at the website. Not much there. Not much information. What is the benefit of it? Not being rude I just can’t see much from my iPhone. Maybe there is more to see if I’m on my pc. Is it on the same lines as

A similar concept to the difference with is that each member gets a sub domain as opposed to pages on the main site. will be undergoing a major overhaul in the coming weeks. I like the map of the world on this site and will be implementing a similar feature on very soon.

I’m more focused on building each of the sub-domains which belong to the members and getting solid rankings for a broad range of search terms, delivering unsurpassed ROI, but I know fancy design is important too.

I have to say that I am not real pleased with my Poor ROI so far. I have had a few big jobs and that’s whats kept me with them, but over all it’s costing more than it’s making and in November it’ll be a year since I’ve had it. I would be interested to see how your program works.

I see it right now as an affordable way to take 1/10th of the space on page one of Google. Page One Domination is where it’s at!
After talking with Cullen for an hour I can see the vision of it being a lot more than that and and PWRA enjoying a great relationship in the future.

Phil I have sent you a full proposal of what can offer your business. I see that you are located close to Boise in Idaho, so if you become a member of we would set you up with the sub-domain
I will then build you a site with unique content, with pages that target your services such as Window Cleaning, House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, Driveway & Sidewalk Cleaning, Roof Cleaning & Whatever else you provide.
I will also set up pages designed to target the surrounding cities of Boise, such as Nampa where you are based. There is no limit on how many pages you can have and whilst you are a member I will be continually adding new pages periodically to target more and more of your keywords. Initially I will set around 10 pages for you, but my members will testify that I come back regularly and upload more.

The results that you can expect immediately will surely impress. I am able to get first page and even number 1 rankings for my members for keyword searches most of the time in 24 hours. I will gladly put my reputation on the line here in this public forum to prove that.

There are too many examples of success stories to list. Boise would be pretty easy for me to get top rankings in, Nampa, Caldwell or Meridian etc even easier. First page doesn’t really excite me in smaller marketplaces (especially for searches such as house washing, concrete or driveway cleaning etc) because I have come to expect these searches to be number 1 or 2 as soon as they are indexed, without any off site SEO at all.