New Pump - What Am I Looking At?

Guys, I need some help. My Power Washer just showed up and I need some help/guidance to understand what I am looking at. When I see your setups, I can figure it out - but it’s hard for me to decipher this “bare” machine. I’ve attached some pics and there are some questions/comments to follow. Please help.

Alright, so it looks like we have two “Out” spots and two “In” spots. Here are my thoughts/questions looking at this picture:

  1. Remove the ghetto pressure hookup from the LEFT “Out” and that is where I will run the jumper to my unloader mounting block.
  2. Remove whatever the heck it is on the RIGHT “Out” and plug it.
  3. Remove that whole ghetto contraption from the LEFT “In” and install 1" barb. Once buffer plumbing is complete, I will run 1" suction hose to barb to feed machine.
  4. Remove whatever the heck it is on the RIGHT “In” and plug it.
  5. Does it matter which In/Out I use? Example: After mounting pressure washer, I find it better to use the RIGHT “Out” and the LEFT “In” - that’s OK, right?

Thanks for all the help, and sorry for the “basic fundamentals” question (expect more to follow :roll_eyes:)

Top left will go to the unloader block
Top right is a pressure relief, leave it
bottom right is your inlet, remove and replace with 1" non collapse tube
bottom right is a pisser because that system is designed for the bypass of the unloader to feed right back into the pump. The pisser(as I call it) would help to let out some of the incoming water that is recirculating to the pump. Plug it and run bypass from unloader back to the buffer tank on the opposite side of your tank discharge.


Yes, thank you. I overlooked that at first.

The bottom right is a thermal relief valve.

Not according to envirospec which I am 99% sure thats where he got it. They said it (for a lack of better terms) pisses out some of the return water that is recirculating from the bypass of the unloader. Thats why I said to plug it and run the bypass to the tank.

Okay, it’s a pisser, my bad.

lol, I dont know the technical term for it, no need for my bad, I was just repeating what I was told lol.

So, it looks like I am at…

  • Remove fitting on top left and run to unloader
  • Keep the top right as is
  • Remove heap of crap on bottom left and install 1" hose barb fitting
  • Remove fitting and plug the bottom right

Does this sound right everyone? (including @Innocentbystander @Racer and @squidskc)

I was under the impression that your unloader did the job of those two dingleberries on the right. My pumps have inlets and outlets. That’s it. And the outlet goes to the unloader.

What kind of pump is that?

And how is that PSI gauge mounted? A psi gauge at the pump is kinda worthless unless you’re troubleshooting. You wanna know what’s coming out of the gun.

I was kidding. I gave you the technical term for it.

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Yes, I agree the psi gauge is worthless. It came installed. I’m on the fence to leave it as is, or remove and plug.

The pump is an Allison TSG-6835 (6.8gpm 3500psi gear drive)

Yes, I originally thought this was the case, but then I received replies to the contrary. Then I tagged you, Rick and Will to hopefully confirm

Thanks. That’s a new one. Never heard of Allison pumps.

Yeah, it’s from Envirospec (don’t tell IBS) - great deal, good gpm - will hopefully make me some money to get to a 8gpm 3500psi 2nd machine. This one will then become the backup.

I’m curious to hear how it works. Frankly, all that stuff hanging off might be necessary for a cheaper pump. (I don’t know if it’s cheaper or not?) That gear box looks tiny too. I’m not saying that to scare you, but just being honest.

The engine is a good one.

The pump is allison, which it is just re branded from another popular manufacture. The top right is a pressure relief blow off. I bought one and tossed it in the back of the truck just as a back up in case my honda 690 cuts out in the middle of a job. I took everything off of the pump except the pressure relief and plumbed it just like my honda.

Who’s it rebranded from?


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