New Pressure Washing Business Venture, Thoughts on These Trailer Units


Trying to take my pressure washing business to the next level so I’m looking at these new, nice looking units from Northern Tool:

Any thoughts on these? Guessing not many have had experience with them if they are new, but thought I’d ask before making the investment.

Thanks in advance!


No way I would spend that kind of money for one of those. Compare to this:


Check these guys out.
I am thinking about looking into one of their trailers here soon. They will customize it how you want it.

Here is my Northern Tool rig I picked up a month or so ago that only had 150 hours on it. I calculated it to be roughly $9,000 in equipment and I got it from a guy for $5,000. It’s not the best rig because I have very little room for storage and all the extra equipment but I think for the price I got a good deal.


Build your own


More cost effective to build your own. There is absolutely no storage room left on those trailers, you would need an empty truck to store your gear.


Build your own bc the first time something dont work you wont have any idea what to do. Get familiar with your equipment and setup if you havent dropped the F BOMB while working on your trailer at least 100 times odds are your doing it wrong :slight_smile:


I’m doing it wrong


Your an exception @Innocentbystander your like a seasoned pro us guys who are starting or only a few years into it need the hands on in my opinion.


Seems like a good deal on your Northern Tool used package, good find! I will most likely be using my truck bed for extra storage if needed. The mud dog trailers are interesting too, thanks for passing along.


I make all kinds of mistakes, I just don’t drop the f bomb :slight_smile:


Just substitute pressure washing for all kinds of curse words. “This pressure washing piece of pressure washer…”


'Twas but my tongue, 'twas not my soul that swore.


These are the only tools you need to fix any pressure washing trailer woes you may suffer.

@no-pressure I’d avoid anything with northern tool or the north star name unless you love frustration and throwing away money.

If I had to pay even $5 extra for fancy rims on a trailer that is going to take a beating I’d walk out the door. That’s the lowest complaint on my long list of complaints with northern tool.


“Under certain circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity provides a relief denied even to prayer.”
-Missouri’s own Mark Twain


I saw that on CL a little while ago. Interesting




Torch and vise grips.


I just bought the exact same rig from Northern tool last June. I’m new to the industry and going through a huge learning curve right now but satisfied with this unit so far.