New pressure washer bogs down with surface cleaner

Still getting my new pressure washer set up 5.5com 2500psi everything works great except when I try using surface cleaner 22inch. The machine really bogs down pressure is all the way up buffer tank to washer plumed with 1 inch hose.anyone have any ideas what is causing far haven’t been able to find any info on it.

Do you have #7 nozzle tips in it? Should be using two 25035 tips with that machine. Many surface cleaners will come standard with 2502 tips in it which is meant for 4k psi/4gpm machines

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Ditto what he said… why 22”?

Looks like 5025 is # on my tips.I bought surface cleaner used from my uncle a couple years ago I had a 3gpm 3000 psi machine surface cleaner worked ok with it just had to go way too slow.and decided to upgrade machine…

Still not gonna go fast… get a smaller 16-19” one and you will pick up speed… i have the same machine… whisper wash classic is great but i certainly dont run behind it.

If doing it again, id go 16” so i could pick up my pace… granted i have been cleaning pretty nasty stuff since getting the set up though.


Thanks That’s good to know I was at a crawl with my old machine. I hope to get a new one soon. You still think tips is the problem with my current surface cleaner

both possibly, but def the SC isnt helping

Thanks for info guys

I have both the 16 inch Ultra and 19 inch Classic…I prefer the Ultra because it’s so light and you can move reasonably quickly with it. I usually pretreat and post treat…I have the same machine as yours just gear drive

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22” is probably too big for an 8 GPM in most circumstances.

Smaller is actually faster.

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What do you use to keep the 16 on the ground?

I use 2 6 pound workout weights.


The first time I used the 16 in Ultra I couldn’t keep it on the ground…it got better the second and third time…not sure if it’s a break in period but eventually it grounds itself. It floats awesome now…with no weights…so easy to maneauver

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Got new tips. That took care of the problem.thanks everyone